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A New Fire and Soul Trees

Posted on April 29, 2018

Received on July 4, 2017

We begin, again.

As if newborn, breathe in and out, into the New.  Become a spine for the New, co-joining with the letter Bet, which fortifies light in life. 517 weitere Wörter

Spiritual Judaism


debut: 2017
이정재 Lee Jung Jae (Vocal), 김한솔 Kim Han Sol (Bass Guitar)

Fall in Love Again

„사람과 사람 간의 애정뿐만 아니라 일상 가운데 벌어지는 일들, 꿈과 미래 등 무언가에게 마음을 주기로 선택은 했지만 기대와는 다른 결말을 겪으며 느낀 아픔을 담아낸 노래입니다.“ 12 weitere Wörter


Infinity Aleph Commission, part One

Anthony recently hired me to paint up some of his Aleph miniatures for Infinity! The first batch of the project was total paint work from start to finish: 73 weitere Wörter


LAUNCHED: ‘Where is this?’ Location maps in Library OneSearch

The Where is this? location map service has now been soft-launched in the production version of Library OneSearch.

The service is intended to assist library customers in locating the whereabouts of items of physical library stock at all three site libraries. 36 weitere Wörter




No endings, no beginnings.

Just unconditional dreaming.

Countless realms are rallying in a single glimpse of time. Dimensions with hidden treasures of wisdom are playing the game of reflections inside my mind. 412 weitere Wörter

Universal Laws

Battle Report - Infinity N3 - Bakunin vs. Steel Phalanx!

Travis from Hot Dice Miniatures brings his Nomads to face the Steel Phalanx in this mid-tier game of The Grid from ITS Season 9!

Guerrilla Miniature Games