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Awakening 1-03

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~Nothing Else Matters But The Feeling~

„—Eat us alive?“ I asked, coughing out my words, stomach twisting in fear.

Kazuya paused, then he smiled. 2.029 weitere Wörter



When I emerged from my young-adult cocoon, I ambled my way back into my old childhood church. The precursors that took me there are another story completely, so the point here is, our Senior Pastor was on study leave in Scotland that week, and our retired Parish Associate was preaching a multi-week series on Evangelism from the book of Matthew. 982 weitere Wörter


MayaCast Episode 119: Leaving Las Vegas

In Episode 119 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip are joined by the Dactyl Doctor to hear about the Infinity Tournaments held at the Las Vegas Open last weekend! 401 weitere Wörter


Yes, I Love You Like a River!

The most romantic thing in airport.

We make our way to the other terminal. I enter a florist’s and buy a dozen roses. We reach the arrivals gate, which is crowded with people waiting for friends and relatives arriving from far-flung places.

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Reading Notes: p107-p300—Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Page 116

This is the common interpretation of the story of Judas and Peter. However, it does not account for the direct teaching contained within the act of betrayal in denial. 870 weitere Wörter


Aleph: p18

Between the heart of time and the soul of space the journey both begins and ends. Our hearts are the boundary of space, and as we perceive the illusion of the boundary the capacity for light and love is seen to be boundless. #PersonalNotes #PauloCoelho #Aleph

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