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Between the heart of time and the soul of space the journey both begins and ends. Our hearts are the boundary of space, and as we perceive the illusion of the boundary the capacity for light and love is seen to be boundless. #PersonalNotes #PauloCoelho #Aleph

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Sometimes a good book is entertaining

Sometimes a good book is entertaining, sometimes educational, sometimes opens our hearts and minds to new perspectives, sometimes it’s a crucible and sometimes it is the needle and thread that connects our current experience to everyone who has ever read that book or even dreamed of the things contained between its covers. 331 weitere Wörter

Reading Notes

A unique blend of Mythology and Management: Book Review of The Leadership Sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik

Fusing Hindu mythology and management, Devdutt Pattanaik continues his unique insights into the role of power in the corporate set-up in his new book, The Leadership Sutra. 723 weitere Wörter

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Awakening 1-02

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~Hello and Goodbye~

The air was still tense, eerily still, after the angel woman gave her command. My mouth was dry. I still couldn’t move. 2.318 weitere Wörter

Volume 1: Into The Spirit

Happy New Year to Infinity and Beyond

Enjoying some coffee with Brioches while eyeing on the next box we’re assembling through the wee hours of the new year!

Happy new year to everyone! :)


Infinity - December New Releases

Corvus Belli have announced five awesome new release products this month, with heaps of great new miniatures to round out player’s collections.

First off the bat is… 362 weitere Wörter


Exclusive Infinity Preview - Aleph Posthumans

Carlos from Corvus Belli has sent along another exclusive preview for you guys to enjoy!

Guerrilla Miniature Games