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Anya's Homecoming (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Anya’s Homecoming”
Brief Description: Leo, Aleph, Anya and Jeff along with their new scientist Emily head north and east into Idaho. There they find Anya’s family, or at least what is left of the home she grew up in. 1.041 weitere Wörter


Hebrew Basics: A Learning Series. In this lesson you will learn 3 letters: א, ב, מ and the final מ, which is ם (Alef, Bet, and Mem). Remember, Hebrew is read >Right to <Left. This is a 21 – Week Learning Hebrew Challenge: Week 1

New Beginnings:

Today we will learn the alphabets, Alef, Bet, Mem, 3-niqqud* (dot formations representing vowel sounds), with some simple words and phrases.

I will be learning this right along with you.  114 weitere Wörter


Here’s What’s Coming Up. A 21 – Week Learning Hebrew Challenge: Week 1

New Beginnings:

The next 21 weeks will be on learning Hebrew with Daniel Ganor of Tel Aviv, Israel.  It will be a series on Hebrew basics.  30 weitere Wörter


WTF is John of Patmos? (adventure)

Adventure Name: “WTF is John of Patmos? ”
Brief Description: Leo, Aleph, Anya and Jeff head north on the journey to find Anya’s family. They find a town that is repeating its fall, John of Patmos and a doctor they sorely need. 524 weitere Wörter


Working in the Mine (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Working in the Mine”
Brief Description: Leo, Anya, Aleph and Jeff search out the secrets of Coyote Springs and find it is being held by Major Richardson as a side place he and others from outside Cold Steel own. 459 weitere Wörter


MayaCast Episode 211: Hark, the Herald HMGs!

Episode 211 is the annual Christmas Edition of MayaCast! Kip and Tom share their Naughty and Nice Lists from 2018, as well as their Wish Lists for 2019. 387 weitere Wörter