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Text-based art and typography are inextricably linked, and while I could fill this blog’s free storage space with images of pretty typefaces, that’s not what I’m here for. noch 145 Wörter


Some more work on Achilles

Just about finished. Not happy with the sword, so will have to sort that out.


Gaming Thoughts - 'All Grown Up' Aftermath

Saturday just gone saw my local club Pigmar hold a little tournament to celebrate the end of our little Infinity Slow Grow which had been running since January. noch 1.393 Wörter

Infinity The Game

The dialogue of love

I love you.


I know you will not understand this, but I do. Don’t ask me why now.


That day, when you were sitting in the corner and possibly sulking over life, I saw an aura around you. noch 1.239 Wörter


More Aleph, but some ww2 goodies coming soon

Just trying to stay motivated to finish up this Aleph. But I do have some WW2 Americans in the works that might surface here in the near future. noch 8 Wörter


Sarin Attack

March 20, 1995: Tokyo, Japan suffers an act of domestic terrorism. Aum Shinrikyo (now called Aleph) was a controversial group founded by Shoko Asahara. He published a book and declared himself Christ, Japan’s only fully enlightened master and identified himself with the Lamb of God. noch 621 Wörter


Adjustment is better than sliced bread (but you knew that).

The next card from the Thoth Tarot is Adjustment (VIII). Crowley changed this card from Justice to Adjustment to try to reflect the maintenance of equilibrium as an actual active process. noch 298 Wörter