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Infinity Battle Report 2 – Ariadna vs. Aleph

So it’s time for another battle report!

Once again, my opponent and I were pretty fortunate to play on a pretty spectacular table. After playing a number of games on some pretty „same-ish“ boards, we opted to run something a bit different, and came up with this rather interesting space station board for me to return to my Ariadna on. 2.187 weitere Wörter


Nightcap - Oct 5

Neural networks and digital democracy are discussed in the Nightcap – Radar


Infinity Battle Report 1 - Pano vs. Aleph

Infinity is a wonderful game. But the more you play it, the more you realize how important terrain is. Sometimes though, the discussion of placement practically supersedes any conversation about what type to play on, and for such an imaginative terrain-based game, some of the boards I’ve seen have just been, well, boring. 2.172 weitere Wörter


MayaCast Episode 101: Aleph

In Episode 101 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip continue the lore and background of the Infinity factions with Aleph. They each have a budget list and a „Master“ list, and they of course share the Infinity events around the world, and thank all the Sponsors of Arizona Armageddon. 410 weitere Wörter


A Catch Up Post

So I haven’t exactly maintained a blog while traveling, as I told people I would. Turns out I just prefer journaling more so than blogging – but here I am, after being absent for nearly 7 months, posting something again! 881 weitere Wörter