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The Covenant At Moab

The Covenant at Moab

For me, one of the most striking locations of the Aleph Tav is found in Deuteronomy 29. This was shared with me but I have lost the credit for this awesome teaching.  2.366 weitere Wörter


Reading Rupi: Translating English across cultures

Reading Indian writing in English represents an act of translation every time I read. Yes, even when the book is written in English, every book represents a journey through and across culture. 1.036 weitere Wörter


Hedging on that thing I just said

Re: that last post

May not be as much of a positive as I made it sound. Here’s what Michael Eisenberg thinks. Obviously this new plan from the Finance Ministry doesn’t represent all gross domestic R&D spending, but I gotta believe it counts for something


Gesaffelstein – Aleph and I Love Techno

As mentioned previously a recent night out at the club exposed me to some new music that had been out for a couple of years but I had somehow missed out on. 296 weitere Wörter