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Gaming Thoughts - Pigfinity 2015 Aftermath

A bit of an unusual blog post here – rather than the usual tournament report, this was a tournament which I was running – so while I can’t give a round-by-round breakdown, I can at least detail some of what went on for the day! noch 1.378 Wörter

Infinity The Game

The Heat is On! - A Friendly Competition of Doom, Hate and Nachos

It has been damn hot here in Berlin. Really, reeeeeeally hot. This basically resulted in my loss of motivation and in a way the possibility to sit at my desk. noch 736 Wörter


Write Hebrew Series: Aleph

Discover the Hebrew Alphabet!

Hebrew Letter Aleph

Aleph Bet Activity Sheet


MayaCast Spec-Ops Art Contest

Check out the great entries for the Spec-Ops Art Contest! We will choose our favorite winner, but will also have a prize for whichever piece gets the most “Likes” on Facebook, so be sure to… noch 53 Wörter


Brushwork - Tuesday 4th August

I worked on a few bits here and there this weekend, rather than throw myself wholesale into too much at once. First of all, I darkened the Reverend Custodier that I’ve been using as a test model for the Nomads I’ve got from Operation Icestorm: noch 469 Wörter


Bocelli Video

Nice video showing Natalie and family attending the Andrea Bocelli concert last night, also Natalie’s mother is there too, and check out Alephs adorable T Shirt ♥


More Bocelli

Click the pic for the gallery, also more Here and a fan pic showing a sleepy Aleph ♥ Here credit to jebleca_