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Argentina: The Tango Singer


From the Caribbeans, we move to the South American continent. Argentina occupies a large portion of the Southern American cone and is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. noch 790 Wörter


The Heat is On! - An Update Post

Weekly posts my ass! Awesome! Spectacular! Splendid! Fun! Joy! BLABLABLA!!!

Here is my ‘weekly’ update on this little competition… Current toll of finished models: 19… noch 538 Wörter


Pictures of Battle w/o Report: Misgivings of an AI

Originally I wanted to do a report on this one, but I am really not in a writing mood (all other writing starves as well atm) and the technical problems I had with these pictures drove me insane. noch 174 Wörter


Day #888:The fire of friendship

A man called Ali is in need of money and asks his boss to help him out. His boss sets him a challenge: if he can spend all night on the top of a mountain, he will receive a great reward; if he fails, he will have to work for free. noch 177 Wörter


Aleph Joins The Party

I was right in my assumption yesterday that Aleph attended the party, and here he is with Mum Natalie giving some serious side eye to the camera, (I love his sass LOL) noch 242 Wörter



And then I decided to move ahead with him,
Knowing, there will be another night.
Like the one, I’ve fought through.
But this time, I’ll be prepared for the fight. noch 212 Wörter