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What's Up With Todd? (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Memories and Monsters”
Brief Description:Leo and the group arrived at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City to find some nanite readers for Anya. 635 weitere Wörter


Did my Father say Let there be Light ... did He?

… The simple literal answer is „no“.

He caused the following to be written:

„Ihi Or!“

This „sentence“ is made up of the Otiot (which is read from right to left but I’ll do it the other way): 121 weitere Wörter

Fire and Air (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Fire and Air”
Brief Description: The team come across their first sign of the war. Wendover base was destroyed in the first few minutes, intense radiation outside of the base area, but a surprise inside. 816 weitere Wörter


Ravvi and the Cemetery (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Ravvi and the Cemetery”
Brief Description: Leo and his team approach three different abandoned US Military installations with varying degrees of interest and success… 603 weitere Wörter


Aleph by Paulo Coelho #BookReview

Aleph is an autobiographical book relating Paulo’s experiences while traveling on a book tour through the Trans-siberian railroad with a 21-year old girl he used to know 500 years ago, in one of his past lives. 422 weitere Wörter


Memories and Monsters (adventure)

Adventure Name: “Memories and Monsters”
Brief Description: Leo and Anya happen upon an old energy farm, and learn some bewildering things. They then move on to Delta, a small town with even more secrets of the final war. 1.625 weitere Wörter


Aleph reindexing work completes as scheduled

THE OVERNIGHT REINDEXING work on Aleph, which began as scheduled at 22:00 on Saturday 20 October completed successfully – and within the expected timeframe.

Library OneSearch services which connect to Aleph behind-the-scenes (such as reservations, renewals and My Account patron functions) all returned to normal operation once the index jobs had completed. 125 weitere Wörter