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La fragancia de Aleph.

La fragancia de Aleph se hace más presente.

Kali me envolvió en sus brazos, me prestó sus dagas para hacer perecer lo innecesario. La dama negra se presentó sin proclamas de venganza, sino de equilibrio, exigiendo vida a través de la muerte. noch 369 Wörter

By Johann Fabián Pereira

Display board update and whats on the painting block

I have pretty much finished up the display board. Just need to finish up the metal door and seal the whole thing. I am trying to figure out where exactly to place the columns. noch 80 Wörter


Aleph Zero

This site encourages you to think about different scenarios before asking your opinion. You can choose different answers and explain why you feel a certain way if you wish and you can compare your answers to those of other people. noch 64 Wörter


Display Board

In a spat of random hobbiness last night, I did some “painting” on my display board. Also, I have been busy building stuff, pictures to follow soon. noch 87 Wörter


For the mon...ahem people: NeoTerra: A Viral Outbreak and something about Aliens and AI

The first warning sirens of a contamination alert were hardly fading, when already the Bolts set foot on the scene. Whatever had happened, Chris Bolton and his gang were here to clean it up. noch 1.193 Wörter


Paris Playdate

Natalie, her father and Aleph were out in Paris on Sunday having fun at the park

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