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"Aleph" Paulo Coelho

Every now and then, I give you my take on some of the books I’ve been reading and today I’d like to share my thoughts after reading Paulo Coelho’s… 367 weitere Wörter


Brushwork - Friday 14th April

Regular readers may have been wondering why all the Infinity content on my blog has dried up recently (well, I mean, ALL content had dried up in recent months, but I digress…). 1.245 weitere Wörter


How I Became a Tree, Sumana Roy

In Han Kang’s illuminating yet startling novel The Vegetarian, the protagonist Yeong-hye spirals into psychosis as she becomes obsessed with shedding her human body and becoming ‘plant-like’: first, by refusing to eat meat and finally, by abstaining from food altogether. 973 weitere Wörter


Seize the Antenna: JSA v Aleph

I feel better about this game than I did with my previous ones. Although I made some mistakes in the game I did better than I had before. 1.293 weitere Wörter

Infinity The Game

MayaCast Episode 123: Alaskan Pipeline

In Episode 123 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip remind everyone of the Quarter 1 MayaCast MasterGlass contest before diving into the mailbag with some emails and voicemails. 421 weitere Wörter


The Fool


Numerical Value : 0
Esoteric Title : Spirit of Aether
Path 11 : Aleph (Ox)
Kether – Chokmah
Element : Air (Maternal)
Sepher Yetzirah : Scintillating Intelligence… 1.046 weitere Wörter