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Summer win, Autumn begins

I’m delighted to announce, somewhat belatedly, that my Ajax was voted joint first place in the Data Sphere Summer Painting Challenge. Nice that voters liked what I’d done with the crazy big dude and nice to see a front page post on the website where they picked out some key features they liked on the winning minis. noch 556 Wörter

Work In Progress

'Aleph'/'Alef', Paulo Coelho EN//PL

‘Aleph’ by Paulo Coelho is a magical book about a man who loses his faith and asks his spiritual guru for help . The Master seeing the man’s inner torment advises him to set off on a journey in order to rediscover the meaning of existence. noch 497 Wörter


Book Review - Aleph by Paulo Coelho

 Aleph has been on one of my many To Read lists for a while. When I added it to the list, I was also adding a bunch of books from the… noch 643 Wörter

Book Talk

Poll: Briar & Aleph

This is mostly in regards to Briar, as 99% of the pics we have got so far of Briar she has been with Rachel and her grandmother, but Aleph too as he is seen occasionally with his father and grandmother Shelley without Natalie. noch 54 Wörter


The Aleph in Opera

The Marriage of Figaro, the finale of Act I: we have Figaro and Susanna, with the help of the Countess, pleading for the Count to let them proceed with their wedding (“Oh my lord, don’t refuse our wishes”). noch 306 Wörter

Gaming Thoughts: Leagues, Campaign Paradiso and Blog Updates

I’ve been working on little bits here and there hobby-wise, although there’s no real progress to show just yet, so rather than let the blog fester, I’ve cleaned up some of the articles a bit – got rid of a lot of the 40k stuff that was languishing up there, and I’ve finally gotten around to writing up sections on my Aleph, Tohaa and PanO, to explain their colour schemes to avoid repeating myself every time I post them up – the pages give information on the colours used to paint them up. noch 677 Wörter


Story Time Infinity: A Demon and her Wolf

Long time overdue, this was my entry into the last story competition on the Infinity forums:

A Demon and her Wolf

Slowly raindrops ran down her face, taking the detour through her eyes they fell down her cheeks like tears. noch 2.839 Wörter