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Sushi & Shopping

Natalie and family are back in LA :D She was out with Aleph earlier in the day on Sunday then they met up with Ben to go for Sushi… noch 12 Wörter


Brushwork - Monday 29th June

Just a short post this week – following last week’s tournament I spent the early part of the week at home ill. However, my week certainly brightened up as it went on, since it was my birthday on Thursday, where I was lucky enough to be gifted with some additional bits and pieces of hobby-related things! noch 441 Wörter


Making Friends

An adorable pic of Natalie and Aleph yesterday

A fantastic family day at Jardin Luxembourg. Awesome puppet show, toy boat play, and a chance run in with Natalie Portman, her husband and son – who played with Elise for almost an hour.

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Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg avec Natalie Portman. #Paparazzi #Lucky #Paris #France #InLove #Lol @ Jardin du…

— Jorge Ramos (@jorge__ra) June 27, 2015

Natalie and family were spotted at Jardin Du Luxembourg today, click Here to see the pic :)


Back in France

Natalie has been spotted out to lunch with Aleph in France today

Source: @Thomazidea


Construction Work - Wednesday 10th June

It’s mostly been a building week for me this week – I did manage to splash a bit of paint on the Clipsos, but for the most part I’ve been putting together new additions to the pile of shame (which is now at a whopping 39 models… Whoops!) noch 644 Wörter