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No Money, No Honey

On my continuing topic of COVER ART – Controversial Marketing; Ohio Players played the fans by stating that the cover girl was killed. Unfortunately for them and good news for the girl, another Ohio based band used her on an album 5 years after the HONEY cover was shot. 41 weitere Wörter

Music & Albums

#Artwork and album covers: does anyone care anymore? #dancemusic

Once upon a time, people would go into a record shop and flip through stacks of albums, looking at the artwork. Like book covers, lots of people bought their music because the cover was cool. 175 weitere Wörter


Rock's Greatest Album Cover

It is considered one of the #greatest album covers of all time. A simple portrait to the waist of a woman in a crisp white shirt, a black ribbon draped over her shoulders, dark jeans. 978 weitere Wörter


Commissioned: Eman the Heartbreak

Finishing up the #roughdraft of this album cover for @Emantheheartbreak

Backstory: The art is to complement Eman’s song called Rewind, revolving around the concept of trying a relationship again after it fell through. 11 weitere Wörter