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Reading Nook Sweeps

For everyone out there who loves authors like Alberto Manguel and books such as The Library at Night, here’s a contest to win a mac daddy library in your own home. noch 75 Wörter

The Joys of Re-reading

A Reading Diary by Alberto Manguel

Re-reading is usually a great pleasure, especially when it’s an old favourite that you know and love and aren’t at risk of being disappointed with. noch 595 Wörter

Review of "Reading Pictures" by Alberto Manguel, nthposition 2003

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Its almost become a cliché to cite Frank Zappa’s (alleged) quote that „writing about music is like dancing about architecture“ when decrying the tendency of music writing to hyperbole and the piling up of adjectives in an attempt to capture the uncapturable. noch 920 Wörter

Book Review


Vimos ao mundo como se entrássemos numa biblioteca. […] Somos animais narrativos, que sobrevivem graças à imaginação e através da linguagem.

Alberto Manguel, revista do semanário Expresso


- Alberto Manguel

Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know.