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„The urge to possess a book, to be its sole owner, is a species of covetousness unlike any other.“ Albert Manguel, History of Reading…

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A journey into the universe of libraries

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

As I’m someone who’s fairly obsessive about books it would come as no surprise that I’d be keen on reading books about books! 952 weitere Wörter

Reading And Place

There are so many great places to read: cross-legged on the floor in the sunshine, wrapped in a fluffy blanket on a cold night, in the middle of an airport terminal. 357 weitere Wörter


Creation Is Power

In Chapter 9 of his A History of Reading, Alberto Manguel addresses „The Shape of the Book.“ He traces the physical history of written and printed books, from scrolls and papyrus to the printing press and beyond. 396 weitere Wörter


Book Review | A Reading Diary by Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel takes us on a journey through his reading. Keeping a journal to record his experiences with travel, friends, family, quotes, world events and his own thoughts, Manguel rereads one book a month, and now we are invited in to see a little of his world at this time and what happened on his reading journey.  752 weitere Wörter

Book Reviews


I want to follow the trail of my reading and see where it goes. Since I have a number of unfinished books, I decide to focus on three concurrently. 821 weitere Wörter

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İdeal bir kütüphane nasıl olmalıdır? Nasıl düzenlenmelidir?

Yazara göre mi, kitaba göre mi. Yoksa okura göre mi? Zor iş.

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