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Alberto Manguel at the John Rylands Library

We are delighted to be hosting a day-long event on Working With Archives on Friday 4 March. Organised by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership, the daytime workshops and lectures are for postgraduate students, but the evening event is open to the public. noch 42 Wörter


One Magical Instant

Rome, Italy

At one magical instant the page of a book –
that string of confused, alien ciphers – shivered into meaning.
Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; noch 181 Wörter

Friday Philosophy...Escapism

The events of this week have hit rather close to home: geographically and emotionally. San Bernardino is not far from us, and I have friends who work within the Regional Center on a semi-regular basis. noch 122 Wörter

Friday Philosophy


Tenho uma mente muito associativa. Salto de um livro para outro, mas quero que todos convirjam. Acho que todos os leitores fazem isso em certa medida — fazem associações com o livro que estão a ler, mas numa ordem que não conseguem determinar com precisão, e que tem a ver com tonalidades, com o gosto e com a experiência do momento. noch 326 Wörter


Libraries: Clinics of the Soul?

First a shout out to Diane Mayr who posted the article I am about to swoon over on the NH Library Association Facebook page. If you’re a repeat visitor to Nocturnal Librarian you know one of the things I write about frequently here is my strong belief that libraries do not need to rebrand, reinvent, or repurpose. noch 879 Wörter