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Kennings: metáforas ou não?

Em 2014, enquanto lia Curso de Literatura Inglesa de Borges, encontrei pela primeira vez kennings. Eu nunca havia ouvido falar sobre elas, e foi uma grande surpresa descobrir que além de comuns em Old Norse, Old English e Islandês, elas eram parte importante da literatura mundial, encontradas em… 509 weitere Wörter


A Library without Order

Reading through Packing My Library by Alberto Manguel, there were almost endless quotes I wanted to write down and share with you.  Some I’m saving for my review but others, like this, demanded to be shared immediately.  277 weitere Wörter

Bookish Thoughts

The Art of unpacking a #Library by Alberto Manguel

The home library of William Randolph Hearst

I would argue that public libraries, holding both virtual and material texts, are an essential instrument to counter loneliness. 1.125 weitere Wörter


Day 30: A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel

„The popular fear of what a reader might do among the pages of a book is like the ageless fear men have of what women might do in the secret places of their body.“

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Reading And Writing

#24in48 12 hour question 

Hour 12: What is the best first line from the books on your 24in48 stack?

​It’s a tie…
„The starting point is a question.“ from The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel… 26 weitere Wörter


Recenzie: Istoria lecturii - Alberto Manguel

Istoria Lecturii e totodată un fel de biografie universlă a cititorului încă de la nașterea lui, în preistorie.

Cartea lui Alberto Manguel e exact ce și-ar dori un împătimit al lecturii, așa ca mine, care vrea să afle de când a apărut această dependență de citit. 2.066 weitere Wörter


The Stories We Craft in Darkness

Quote: Darkness promotes speech. Light is silent.

—Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Blackouts before smartphones left people to entertain themselves without relying on sight. Night before electricity, too.

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