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Philip Marchand: Inside Alberto Manguel's large literary library

Alberto Manguel
Yale University Press
392 pp; $30

Alberto Manguel, translator and critic, is Canada’s best, and perhaps only, practitioner of that critical genre termed by Anatole France “the adventures of the sensitive soul among masterpieces.” His latest book, … noch 960 Wörter


If the halls of the Hermitage would suddenly go mad, if the paintings of all schools and masters should suddenly break loose from the nails, should fuse, intermingle, and fill the air of the rooms with futuristic howling and colours in violent agitation, the result then would be something like Dante’s…

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20th Century

What is constellated in our minds

“Essentially, every image is nothing but a dab of colour, a hunk of stone, a trick of light on the retina that triggers the illusion of discovery or recollection, just as we are nothing more than a multiplicity of infinitesimal spirals in whose molecules, we are told, every one of our traits and tremors are contained. noch 93 Wörter


Reading, a diary

I’ve been re-reading Alberto Manguel’s A Reading Diary in preparation for my workshop at the Guardian’s Reading for Pleasure conference.

Here, Manguel responds to the news that his neighbour Barbara, died the night before: … noch 593 Wörter


Guides to Elsewhere: transcendent travels

My brother travels a lot; he has been all around the world and he has a talent in changing flats, countries and time zones without losing his thirst for adventures. noch 283 Wörter

Book Art

The work of art remains always outside its critical appreciation

“If the world revealed in a work of art remains always outside that work, the work of art remains always outside its critical appreciation. “Form,” writes Balzac, “in its representations, is what it is among us: just a trick to communicate ideas, feelings, a vast expanse of poetry. noch 124 Wörter


Words constantly flow beyond the framework of a page

“Unlike pictures, written words constantly flow beyond the framework of a page: a book’s covers do not establish the boundaries of a text, which never exists entirely as a physical whole, only in snatches or summaries. noch 174 Wörter