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Istoria Lecturii e totodată un fel de biografie universlă a cititorului încă de la nașterea lui, în preistorie.

Cartea lui Alberto Manguel e exact ce și-ar dori un împătimit al lecturii, așa ca mine, care vrea să afle de când a apărut această dependență de citit. 2.066 weitere Wörter


The Stories We Craft in Darkness

Quote: Darkness promotes speech. Light is silent.

—Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Blackouts before smartphones left people to entertain themselves without relying on sight. Night before electricity, too.

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Books as Family

Quote: According to Seneca, we can pick from any library whatever books we wish to call ours; each reader, he tells us, can invent his own past.

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Siloed in a Writer's Library

Every reader is also a writer, if writer is taken to mean author to mean originator of one’s own actions. Books, like people and circumstances, influence our actions; the more we tease out those influences and knead them into useful, applicable tools, the more we are aware of our partnership with the written word. 1.018 weitere Wörter


Reader's Angst

Quote: I have no feeling of guilt regarding the books I have not read and perhaps will never read; I know that my books have unlimited patience.

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Bookscapes, Real and Imaginary

Around us may be windowless walls of brick and rebar, but give us a story and immediately an arc of the horizon appears. What if we had many stories? 997 weitere Wörter


Books that Mold a Writer's Heart

Many years ago, an Argentine writer named Alberto Manguel burst onto the English-language literary scene, although he’d been a prolific writer in the Spanish language for quite some time. 631 weitere Wörter