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Get Ready With Me!

This idea started 2 days ago as I was standing on the heated bathroom floors of my hotel in Winnipeg putting my face on for the day. 1.238 weitere Wörter


El milagro de Alba

La niña que sufrió daños cerebrales al caer de un tercer piso en Puerto Real es la primera paciente que recibe rehabilitación en Jerez en el Instituto Charbel tras su convenio con Cáritas. 835 weitere Wörter

Film review: Mechanic Resurrection

No one ever asked for it. Nevertheless, it is no surprise that here we are here now five years later with the sequel to the 2011 action flick, The Mechanic. 637 weitere Wörter

Film Review

The troll with no heart

A long time ago, not in my time and not in your time but in someone’s time, there lived a father

Which father?

The father is ploughing…

4.076 weitere Wörter

The Mechanic: Resurrection

While you get what you would expect from the next installment in the franchise, the biggest let down isn’t the terrible script, cringe worthy dialogue or how appalling reliant it is on CGI – the real bugbear is just how boring it is! 357 weitere Wörter