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Summer Empties!

We are now officially in the fall season! While I love the sunshine and warm weather, nothing beats the crisp fall air. Today I’m sharing with you quite a few things that I’ve used up over the course of the summer. noch 651 Wörter

The most famous truffles market in the world

The trifole marks the roads used by fairs and gnomes, and their irregular shape is due to the heart-beating of the plants about to fall asleep..

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New Electronic: NO ZU + Alba + Urtekk + Arthur Wimble

A few vids and a couple new jams from the best knob-tweakers in the country:

NO ZU – Ui Yia Uia

As if this song wasn’t incredible enough, the video for the new NO ZU track “Ui Yia Uia” unleashes itself, presenting the world to the fever dream of the cast from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. noch 338 Wörter

New Song

Haiku 5

Dos copas vacias
cegadas por el alba
luna de fuego


Film: I Shall Not Die

About: The Western Isles of Scotland have a rich and unique religious history, stretching back almost 1500 years and including several revivals in the 20th century. noch 62 Wörter

10.05.15: An Honest Man

A court has released the legal decision in the trial of Leopoldo Lopez and three students, but neither Lopez’s lawyers or the media have been given proper access to it, … noch 802 Wörter

Daily Update

Film: An Ceasnachadh

About: In 1950, a group of students stole the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey to take it back to Scotland. One of them was a young Gaelic-speaker called Kay Matheson, here played by… noch 47 Wörter