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Winter in Piemonte

Winter 2015/2016 in Piemonte – The Road Trip

All indications where for a great trip – flights on time and all connections made. After the 30hr trip from the land of Oz we where greeted with a morning landing into Malpensa Airport – where the sun was only just coming over the horizon and the temperature was a clear clean -3C . noch 713 Wörter

The Wine Business

Jobs: Business Development, Alba Orbital (UK)

Want to invent the future of the Space Industry? You have come to the right place. We fundamentally believe that our PocketQubes can radically transform the ability for small groups to design, build and launch their own spacecraft. noch 200 Wörter


The Veil

A common occurance when one is a lover of horror cinema is the encountering of terrible productions. As I have stated previously, one will find two decent films for every seven disreputable ones. noch 708 Wörter


An Unlikely Superhero

If I drew my life right at this moment, I’d want it to look something like this brilliant comic-book panel from Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth.

noch 523 Wörter
Book Review