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Mt Alba

Apple orchard on Mt Alba – Vigo

#JanetheVirgin Chapter Seventy S4Ep6 Preview via @stacyamiller85 @CWJanetheVirgin @HereisGina

What happens when Jane’s book is released?  Find out on the Jane the Virgin episode airing November 17. 135 weitere Wörter

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Haiku XII

Alba en las olas
hasta la Luna, inmóvil,
se maravilla


Mt Alba

A pine cone that was burnt during the recent wildfires outside Vigo

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Are you addicted to purchasing shoes ? Suzanne Ferriss, PhD, editor of the book Footnotes: On Shoes, provides fascinating reason for women’s shoe addiction: “Shoes are a collector’s item, whether women realise they perceive them that way or not,” she says, and buying them triggers an area of the brain’s prefrontal cortex called the collecting spot. 33 weitere Wörter

World Auction Puts the Alba White Truffle Under the Hammer

WORLD AUCTION PUTS THE ALBA WHITE TRUFFLE UNDER THE HAMMERThe excitement is building ahead of the 18th World Alba White Truffle Auction, due to take place in the home of the prized white gold in the heart of Langhe in northern Italy on 12 November.Gourmets, foodies and philanthropists will all gather at the impressive Castle of Grinzane Cavour nestled amongst the undulating vineyards of one of the world’s best wine growing areas for the annual bidding auction. 91 weitere Wörter