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A Foodies Paradise

Touching down in the beautiful Côte d’Azur, Nice in March 2005, Alan and Susan picked up a hire car and headed an hour’s drive away across the borders to Liguria – also known as Italy’s Riviera for a week-long trip of research and getting reference. noch 971 Wörter

Alan Reed Art

Faclair Albannach 'is Astràilianach

Seo cùplan faclair dìfrioch eadar Gàidhlig Alba ‘is Gàidhlig Astràilia/Seallainn Nuadh. ‘S e faclair a bhruinn no a sgrìobh na tìdsearan aig a’ Sgoil Nàiseanta a th’ anns na “faclair Gàidhlig ASN (Astràilia agus Seallainn Nuadh)”, agus ‘s e faclair a dh’ionnsaich mi anns a’ Chùrsa Inntrigidh a th’ anns na “faclair Albannach”. noch 58 Wörter

11-22-15 The other woman

You know. Tonight I actually thought I was in love with you. When I see your pictures now, they melt me instead of making me wanna jump you. noch 631 Wörter


As seen from from Azienda Mossio Fratelli in Rodello.  What a view!  Bet its amazing in winter as the snow hits the Alps off in the distance.

Italian Wine

#RedHairProject Week 1

First Wash

So, today November 18, was the first wash my hair had after the color and treatment last November 15. Not as straight as the salon hair day since I braided it a bit. noch 258 Wörter