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Fasting an economic disaster

Economies take revenue from doctors giving half cures and institutions teaching half truths, so that their patients and students have to come back to pay more. noch 230 Wörter


Hi! I always love watching these videos so I had to share! I think they give you a better idea of products because the first time use excitement has worn off. noch 13 Wörter

Alba - sunrise (Aba'al Osiris)

I was reading about Greek and Roman creation myths trying to see if there’s a link to Ireland.
I noticed a name Alba longa in the myth, I typed Alba or albe into Italian translater it translates into sunrise or sunrises. noch 505 Wörter

Viva L'Italia at ALBA at the JW Marriott Bengaluru.

Italian Cuisine, with the likes of Chinese, French, Indian cuisine has been on the forefront of cuisines that have achieved global appreciation but at the same time, their vastness and know-how remains largely veiled. noch 503 Wörter

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