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In silenzio il cielo si prepara ad accogliere il sole

anche le stelle una ad una si fanno da parte

tutto dorme

mentre l’umanità scorre e nessuno se ne accorge… noch 8 Wörter


Tokyo Tartufo Bianco - video

One of the few exceptional truffles in Tokyo. I am looking for some material in my archives, I came across this fantastic white truffle. White truffles are not always so perfectly cleaned and preserved but this truffle was amazing – a white truffle dream. noch 115 Wörter

Curious About It?

ALBA - Enlightening Science at the Southwest of Europe

In Spanish, “alba” refers to the first appearance of daylight in the morning. But now, ALBA is something more. ALBA is the only synchrotron light source built in Spain, which is giving service to more than 1,000 researchers every year in the academic and industrial sectors. noch 653 Wörter


Cumbre de los Pueblos, otro «canal» panameño

Movimientos sociales y sindicales de los países participantes en la VII Cumbre de las Américas celebrarán en Panamá una reunión alternativa para abordar principalmente la pobreza que sufren sus pueblos y pronunciarse al respecto. noch 519 Wörter


Damilano ‘Marghe’, Nebbiolo, d’Alba DOC, Piedmont, Italy 2010

March 20, 2015

Nebbiolo grape is high in tannin and acidity which give it great aging potential. Some of the classic aroma and flavour characteristics include tar, roses, violets, cherries, meaty, earthy.  noch 75 Wörter

Medium-Full Bodied Red

Guess who's coming to the Chinese banquet? Bright and juicy Barbera

I had char siew and siew yuk (that’s barbecued pork and roast pork to those uninitiated in the hallowed halls of Cantonese cuisine) the other day, paired with steaming white rice and a bottle of Patrizi Barbera d’Alba. noch 259 Wörter


Tartufo che si sposa con l'uovo

Tempo di tartufi in tutte le variazioni e sapori. Tempo di gustare, per una volta all’anno, questa prelibatezza con il profumo cosi dominante, tatuato nella nostra memoria, storia, dieta. noch 35 Wörter