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May 29: Day 8

The Day I Got Left Behind

The day started off normal, with lunch at the cafeteria with the other students before heading over to the campus center to use its wifi for a little bit. 137 weitere Wörter


May 28: Day 7


I walked to the cafeteria by myself, meeting up with the OWU students.


Afternoon Concert

This concert was a nice break from all of the more classical performances. 443 weitere Wörter


May 27: Day 6

Packed Day – Morning Concert

The concert consisted of a single harp accompanied with electronics. The first piece looped her playing which then became dissonant. Then her playing was stacked on top of her live playing, which created s bit of chaos, but not too unpleasant to continue listening to. 301 weitere Wörter


May 26: Day 5

Morning Market

I got to explore the weekly market today. Noah and I ended up walking around by ourselves since we lost the OWU girls. The food was so tempting that we ended up trying to get food for lunch. 265 weitere Wörter


Audio Update: Voice Recording

Last week, I visited Alba and Noah at their home studio in Queens to record some vocals for Where Shadows Slumber. (If you have no idea who I’m talking about, read the intro blog they wrote last year right… 1.092 weitere Wörter

Where Shadows Slumber

Barbera from "Alba" ...Big Difference

Barbera,, Not Hanna Barbera

This is not to be confused with The Flintstones creators. Barbera is literally the most widely planted grape varietal in the Northwest Region of Piedmont in Italy. 749 weitere Wörter
Wine 102

June 3: Day 13

The Last Day of the Festival

Morning Concert

For most of the concert, it consisted of nice piano pieces with poetry . But suddenly, when we though there was only one piece left, a soap opera erupted. 239 weitere Wörter