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If you get tired of the US election gong show: French campaign is under way

I notice Alain Juppe and Nicolas Sarkozy were going at it in their primary-election presidential debate.

Nice to know we’ll have another fun presidential election to follow after this American one is done with — complete with its own xenophobic/isolationist/protectionist/half-crazed candidate (Marine Le Pen).

Le baliverne de #Juppé sur sa condamnation, dans #LEPolitique

Les télespectateurs de #LEPolitique ont été les témoins, hier, d‘une joute d’une violence encore inédite entre  deux énarques-inspecteurs des finances: Juppé comme invité, et Macron comme contradicteur. 591 weitere Wörter

„Tout pour la France“ – In Frankreich läuft der Wahlkampf an

Charles de Gaulle, Mitbegründer der Fünften Französischen Republik, fragte einmal, wie man ein Land regieren solle, in dem es 246 verschiedene Sorten Käse gebe. Das Kandidatenfeld sieben Monate vor der ersten Runde der französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen im April 2017 ist ähnlich unübersichtlich und zersplittert – und ändert sich fast täglich. 1.120 weitere Wörter

EU Agenda

Alain Juppé: the cold, septuagenarian Conservative may be the best option For French progressives

This article was published in The Huffington Post

“I was the king in the family,” Alain Juppé claimed about his pampered upbringing. On a school trip to Lisbon, pleased to have escaped the family bubble, he was surprised to discover upon arriving that his overprotective parents had made the journey as well to check he was alright. 725 weitere Wörter


French left wing presidential candidates would lose from the first round in 2016

Marine Le Pen tops the first round of the presidential election

The former Economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, would gather more votes than his colleague and incumbent President of France, Francois Hollande. 93 weitere Wörter


The self-destruction of the Parti socialiste

In the wake of the Nice attack on July 14, commentators are speculating about how the 2017 presidential race will be upended. The Socialist government under François Hollande and Manuel Valls is epically, historically unpopular, as was colorfully illustrated by the… 716 weitere Wörter

Nice Attacks