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Logrotate 4 & 5.- Support & Common Errors

NOTE:  This is a follow-up, from the previous post: Logrotate 3.- Logrotate checks

4.- Logrotate Support

Disclaimer (IBM Unsupported):  IBM stand on opensource utilities is that they are not directly supported by IBM, this is IBM Support’s page for logrotate (dated 06 June 2011): 627 weitere Wörter


How to build a NIM Server on AIX 6.1 from the Scratch :: Part 1

Hello Fellas!

Here is a good how to build from the Scratch a NIM Server under AIX 6.1. (The operation for version 7.1 stills the same, anyway). 1.069 weitere Wörter


Rappers on the bus

Got stuck in traffic yesterday, so badly that it took us an hour and a half to extirpate ourselves from Marseilles. Fifteen minutes after the ride started, two blokes behind me started chatting each other up. 484 weitere Wörter


What do artist Paul Cezanne and actor Christophe Lambert have in common?

They both have adored strolling under the blooming rose arcade of the Hotel Le Pigonnet in the Provençal city of Aix-en-Provence, perhaps stopping to rest by a century-old chestnut tree and listening to the babbling of the water in the nearby fountain – a little over one century apart. 881 weitere Wörter


How to know witch process is running in a particular port on AIX using KDB

Fellas, here is the gig, please, don’t cry! :-D

Suppose your application is not working well (or crashed, or stops and cannot goes online again) because someone install a new software that uses the same port as the application and leave the server, simple like this – believe (it happens). 1.113 weitere Wörter


How to clear/clean/erase/delete/reset network adapter configuration on AIX?

To reset, clear, clean or erase network adapter configuration that means, IP Address and Netmask, issue the following command:

# chdev -a netaddr= -a netmask= -l en0

How to check VLAN ID number on AIX?

To check VLAN ID on AIX you can issue the command entstat filtering the result as the follow:

# entstat -d en0 | grep 'Port VLAN ID'
Port VLAN ID:   800