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Last summer we traveled to France with our 3 kids.  When you have a party of 5 it gets very expensive to stay in hotels.  You might need 2 or 3 rooms and France is not cheap.   1.345 weitere Wörter


Logrotate 3.- Logrotate checks

NOTE:  This is a follow-up, from the previous post:  Logrotate 2.- Configure logrotate for AIX

To check that logrotate is configured and working OK, all we need to do is call logrotate from the command line telling it to verbose it’s internal checks ( -v ) and to check the config file ( /etc/logrotate.conf ), like the following: 879 weitere Wörter


UNIX: How to get the process start date and time

How can we determine when a running process was started?

The venerable ps command deserves first consideration.

Most Linux command-line users are familiar with either the standard UNIX notation or the BSD notation when it comes to specifying ps options. 435 weitere Wörter


Aix - Portrait 2 - Catarina

When I initially saw Catarina, she was talking and laughing in spanish with a group of three other latinas as they smoked together. It is true that one never finds a single latina. 591 weitere Wörter

Beautiful Faces

AIX: migratepv operations

  1. To move physical partitions from hdisk1 to hdisk6 and hdisk7, enter:

    migratepv hdisk1 hdisk6 hdisk7

    Physical partitions are moved from one physical volume to two others within the same volume group.

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AIX: importvg failed

The situation so far: a customer has two systems with a couple of luns presented to them. Two luns (hdisk2 and hdisk7) were imported as testvg on Node 2. 312 weitere Wörter