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School (or something like it...)

Well, I had to talk about it sooner or later. While school is not the most glamorous part of studying abroad, it is the activity that structures my daily life and provides the context for my French existence. noch 527 Wörter


Hello guys~~

Are you having a nice week end?

Today I went to Aix-en-Provence’s university to take TOPIK 2 exam.

What can I say…

First, the several teachers who welcomed the students were really sweet!!◉‿◉ noch 460 Wörter


SNMP on Aix

Here is a quick and basic snmp how to. (Use at your own risk.)
1. Run this to see if snmp is running and if the public community is available: noch 546 Wörter

Random Troubles (hooting)

Kraków, Poland

Last weekend, three friends and I traveled to Kraków, Poland. We left Thursday night on the TGV to Paris, spent five hours in a hostel there to sleep, and took a plane from Paris to Kraków the next morning. noch 1.185 Wörter

TAPIF: Holiday Themed Lessons

I wish I could say that all of my leçons begin with a theme – after all,  it makes the material so much easier for students to remember (and so much more fun)! noch 902 Wörter


When in Rome (and Vietri sul Mare)

As our one-week winter break winds down and as I study for my Monday midterm, I’ve been thinking more and more about the week I got to spend with my mom and Rick. noch 1.332 Wörter

Power 7 CPU Pools

From my research today, this looks like the best article on explaining multiple CPU pools. And yes, we can over subscribe the CPUs (please see figure 3 on the article). noch 9 Wörter