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F: Food: Fancy or Faulty in France?

Food is one thing we can’t live without. There are times when food is good to us – we enjoy it and end up stuffing our faces with it. noch 999 Wörter


Getting list users and groups in AIX

Run the following command to get the list of users and associated groups in AIX environment

$ lsuser ALL

Exe to Aix

Shamelessly stealing the title of Bryony’s forthcoming blog, the author dropped her in Aix-en-Provence to start her year abroad to learn French and French law. Despite the seeming lack of any sort of formal instructions, she registered at the University, got a room key, paid for a term’s accommodation, went to some classes and made contact with fellow students on her course. noch 85 Wörter

Setting up a TDP for SAP (R3) Client on AIX

Setting up a TDP for SAP (R3) Client on AIX

Audience: This document assumes basic understanding of the AIX command line and also assumes that TSM B/A client was configured and TDP R3(TDP for SAP) was already been installed on the AIX… noch 261 Wörter

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AIX 0611 error

Check this your NIM server

“` # nim -Fo reset

<h1>nim -o deallocate -a subclass=all</h1>

<h1>lsnim -l –> ensure there is no resources assigned</h1>

<h1>cp -p /etc/exports /etc/exports.orig</h1> noch 117 Wörter

Random Troubles (hooting)

What is millicode ?

AIX system millicode does not require to let us go through the entire system call handler routine but lets you branch into some lower addresses, still branch into system call mode and get kernel privilege. noch 197 Wörter

Architecture And Design

Montagne Saint-Victoire


It feels like a while since I’ve posted for the A-Z challenge since I was away on holiday last week (I had an amazing time!) and also because I have so many pictures from Italy that I want to share. noch 293 Wörter