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How to monitor AIX CPU with HP Sitescope \ Loadrunner

How you can monitor AIX LPAR CPU with HP Sitescope for use with HP Loadrunner?

IBM AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems.  683 weitere Wörter


Instalar YUM en AIX v7.2+

Una de las novedades de AIX v7.2 es que por fín IBM ha sacado un bundle para poder instalar yum bajo AIX. Y viene preconfigurado para usar el repositorio de IBM AIX Toolbox, BONUS! 552 weitere Wörter


Get ulimit of a running process in AIX

In RHEL or any recent Linux kernel, getting a running process limit is just a matter of checking /proc/<pid>/limits.

In AIX, it is a bit more complicated. 142 weitere Wörter


Toussaint Travels

Grab yourself a cup of tea and get cosy because this is going to be a long one.

With the holidays upon us we decided to do some travelling this week to make the most of it. 1.337 weitere Wörter


User access rights

This post will cover the basic user on a UNIX platform. I am currently working on setting up a user account that will act as a service account to automate tasks using AutoSys and MQ. 260 weitere Wörter


Finding faster in Files

GREP command is the most consumed command in Linux environments when it comes to searching and finding files. But when we need to search in large or multiple files on regular intervals then we need to look for efficient options. 78 weitere Wörter


Why Can't I access crontab ?

Crontab allows users to schedule jobs under in controlled manner. In Linux environments every user can have their crontab. In order to create crontab user needs to have their username in… 98 weitere Wörter