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Recovery AIX system when hang on boot.

If AIX system does not boot properly, possible causes could be:

  • corrupted file system
  • corrupted Journaled File System (JFS) log device
  • bad IPL-device record or bad IPL-device magic number; the magic number indicates the device type…
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AIX hangs on boot? How to debug boot process on AIX systems?

Today an AIX system hanged when reboot. What’s going on? Where can I see the debug verbose log of boot process?

Just, follow this steps. 6.542 weitere Wörter


Reconfigure RSCT ID to fix DLPAR issues on cloned AIX systems.

ON AIX systems, RMC daemons are part of the Reliable, Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT). They allows the HMC to communicate with a managed logical partition to do DLPAR operations. 270 weitere Wörter


Setup private yum repository for AIX clients.


  •   A Unix server on your private network:
    • Accessing IBM repository
    •    Apache server installed to serve RPM files for internal AIX clients.
    •    AIX clients must access this Apache server via http.
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Install and configure yum on AIX.



How to remove bos.sysmgt.nim.master fileset from NIM server?

If you try to unistall bos.sysmgt.nim.master fileset from smitty:

 smitty remove

You get this error:

Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below.
geninstall -pu -I „gpX -V2 -J -w“ -Z -f File 2>&1… 279 weitere Wörter

Create jfs2 file system on AIX

Create a jfs2 file system on AIX:

First, you need to know:
– volume group?
– Type of filesystem (jfs, jfs2)?
– Mount point to mount the filesystem? 196 weitere Wörter