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Le printemps en Provence

Of course the day I want to rave about springtime in France, it’s windy, raining, and about to storm. Nonetheless, springtime here has been beautiful and seems to have come out of nowhere; I feel like I woke up on Wednesday and all of a sudden the trees were completely green and the flowers were in full bloom. noch 954 Wörter

Setup SVN with apache web-frontend authenticating LDAP active directory on AIX. (SVN + Apache + LDAP)

SVN (subversion) is widely use all over the world. Last week I had to setup some SVN repositories on AIX server.
Here’s what I did: noch 3.313 Wörter


FC zonning scenarios when componets failed on IBM Pureflex system, VIOservers, FC switches and V7000.

Working on a fully IBM environment for some years,I asked to my self, whet happens with zonning of my LPARs if I lost a vioserver, a FC switch, or a controler (node) on the storage system. noch 224 Wörter


Boeing Poised to Ease Carry-On Congestion

Written for TheDesignAir by Adam Ralston | Reported last year and finally seen in the wild, Boeing showcased their new Space Bins, boasting storage space for up to six roll-aboard bags, two more than the current bins in the Boeing Sky Interior afford. noch 522 Wörter


I wanted to fly on an A380

But the news of 11 abreast seating at AIX15 really makes me question that!

Of course a lot of attention with airlines have been on their new First and Business products. noch 107 Wörter

The Bird and The Moon

Just over a year ago, on a visit to Aix–en- Provence, AnElephant visited an exhibition of artwork by the sculptor Zani.
He was so enchanted by this piece – L’Oiseau et la Lune (The Bird and The Moon) – that the artist kindly sent him the photograph below with gracious permission to feature it here with the words it inspired. noch 235 Wörter