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A Year in Four Acts

Suggested song: Woodstock, Joni Mitchell (this is the CSN&Y rendition I love)
Suggested drink: Harvest Bell Lemonade, organic vodka, lemonade, basil, lemon slice, simple syrup… noch 903 Wörter


Setup MySQL 5.1 in AIX

It have been awhile since my last post. However, capturing down knowledge is important as other things in life. MySQL is the first database I used at Uni time for project assignment. noch 547 Wörter

AIX 7.2 and October Power software announcements

IBM announced a number of new products today as well as updates to existing products. Here is a quick summary

The big feature for AIX V7.2 allows concurrent patching of the entire AIX kernel on the fly—with no interruption to applications. noch 965 Wörter

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M: Musique: The Many Musicians Making Love on the Streets of Aix

Paris is not the only “city of love” in France. Non, there’s another city – located in the heart of Provence – a city that’s bursting at the seems with love… noch 369 Wörter


AIX client migrate system to SSP (Shared Storage Pool)

Recently I provided an article on configuring SSP (Shared Storage Pool) on the VIOS.  In this article, we’re going to take an active LPAR (VIOC) and have all of the PVs migrated over to use SSP.  noch 1.480 Wörter


Auld Lang Syne – IBM Systems Director, AIX 6 withdrawn

IBM officially withdrew a number of products today including virtually all of the IBM Systems Director product line. This is a bittersweet end to a decades-long cross-platform management vision. noch 492 Wörter

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Shopping in France

Before even coming to France I always imagined the shopping experiences (with an unlimited credit card of course) to be full of finding wonderful European styled clothes, hats and accessories. noch 723 Wörter