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AIX user unsuccessful_login_count

— If this number is 3 or greater, the account is locked.

lsuser -f oracle | grep count  

– Clears the variable

chuser unsuccessful_login_count=0 oracle
lsuser -f oracle | grep count  

Partners bound by PACS

There’s quite a bit of information regarding PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité), the French version of a civil union, floating around the internet; however, there’s not much information relating to… noch 1.238 Wörter


“Same-sex couples gain the right to marry” has been displayed on headlines all throughout le monde. Throughout the years, this media outbreak gave me false hope for friends and family faced with this situation.

noch 471 Wörter

Perl giving out of memory errors when installing a package

Noticed the other day that CPAN was out of date. When attempting to update it with:
cpan install Bundle::CPAN it errors out with an “out of memory” message. noch 44 Wörter


AIX 서버접속 회수초과로 인한 로그인 실패


chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a “unsuccessful_login_count=0″ -s 계정명

/etc/security/lastlog 파일을 열어보면 해당계정으로 누가 어디서 몇번 얼마나 로그인시간 을 했는지 알수있다


Revealing Rose: Commanderie de BARGEMONE Rosé, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, 2014

Rosé is hot. All over the world, dry Rosé has become the summer sipping wine of choice and nowhere does dry Rosé better than the south of France. noch 267 Wörter

Bear Dalton

AIX, ntp 서버 연동 서버시간 맞추기

1. NTP 제공 사이트 (

2. NTP 시간을 서버에 적용
ntp -u