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DBCA in 12c does not run datapatch

If you are creating a new database on an Oracle home that has had patches applied, you will now need to run datapatch for each new shell, as DBCA in 12c no longer does this. 24 weitere Wörter


Config file is not owned by root

If you get the error: Config file is not owned by root when running a Oracle scheduled job in an AIX environment, you’ll need to run these commands. 26 weitere Wörter


First change to root user, and then issue the below command:

$ oem_setup_env
# csum -h MD5 <file>

Soul Revive Retreat at Ashtanga Yoga Shala Provence

Greetings from a very hot south of France! The beaches are full and everyone is in vacation-mode… meaning things are very lente, slow, here in Provence. 638 weitere Wörter

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New volume groups can be created with the mkvg
command. Physical volumes are added to a volume group using the extendvg
command and can be removed using the reducevg command. 526 weitere Wörter


Physical volumes AIX

Physical volumes, also known as direct access storage devices (DASDs), are
fixed or removable storage devices. Typically, these devices are hard disks. A
fixed storage device is any storage device defined during system… 613 weitere Wörter



The Logical Volume Manager controls disk resources by
mapping data between a simple and flexible logical view of storage space and
the actual physical disks. The Logical Volume Manager does this by using a… 387 weitere Wörter