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cfg2html updated

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

We have updated the cfg2html collectors @

The old (stable) Linux version was updated to version 2.99
The new Linux, HP-UX and AIX version from github ( noch 11 Wörter


Pointing out the Perks of Pregnancy

As I’ve been experiencing those bizarre, contrasting energy sucking negative aspects of pregnancy, it’s obvious that I’m well into the third trimester. Sometimes, you just need to make a list of perks that make carrying around 17+ extra pounds and dealing with vertigo along with other negative pregnancy symptoms worth it. noch 2.471 Wörter


The Third Trimester: Pas assez d'énergie !

It’s difficult to describe the third trimester because it’s so…bizarre. One minute, there are bouts of nausée … the same type that I experienced during the… noch 1.561 Wörter


A Bientôt (not Au Revoir) to the US!

I love my life in France; however, as I endure the 100+ degree weather that comes with living in the south, I can’t help but reminisce on the things and the people I left behind in Chicago. noch 633 Wörter


Formatting Numbers with a Thousands Separator Using Awk

Including a comma to separate the thousands in a number can be inconsistent in AIX/Linux.  Here’s an ‘awk’ version that works on both AIX and Linux: noch 82 Wörter

Visas: le choix de ta vie

“So, are you going to stay in France?” is the #1 question I get from family and friends (yet, everyone already knows the answer). After hearing (or reading, in some cases), “yes/ noch 1.936 Wörter


Why are my TRIRIGA reports failing in BIRT Eclipse on AIX?

When you try to create new or edit existing reports in TRIRIGA, they may fail when running in the BIRT Eclipse environment on AIX.

The IBM JDK release was found to be the cause of the starter reports failing to work in BIRT Eclipse. noch 28 Wörter