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Aix Prepared Commands

column numbers
:set nu in vi editor
Listing of files:

ls -lt | more : list of files, sort by date
ls -lR | more : list of files including sub directories (recursive mode). 1.506 weitere Wörter


Install and configure GIT repositories on AIX systems using yum

Assuming you have configured YUM on AIX systems as posted here Let’s install GIT packages from IBM’s repositories.


Setup GIT repositories over HTTPD with LDAP and Local authentication on AIX systems.

What are we going to do?


AIX: Hardware support comparison

AIX is built to run on IBM Power Systems, and to fully exploit the new technologies introduced with each generation. Below you’ll find the recommended levels for each version and technology level, but also consider what hardware compatibility mode you’ll be able to run in with each version. 82 weitere Wörter