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Rajasthan Adventure

Anything I write about India feels lacking. Focus on just a couple areas and you risk seeming myopic. But as a lucky westerner, there are certain things, for lack of a better word, that really stand out. noch 1.387 Wörter


Journey to India Part 7 - Going to Agra

Journal to India – Part 7 – Traveling to Agra

Our time in New Delhi has come to a close and so we load up into a taxi van in the early morning to make the 4 hour trip to Agra.  noch 486 Wörter

India Trip

India Re-capped

On 9th October 2014 my wife and I arrived in Delhi after our overnight flight from Heathrow. Over the next 10 days we covered approximately 1000km as we travelled by road and rail from Delhi to Agra to Ranthambhore to Ramathra to Jaipur and then back to Delhi.  noch 95 Wörter


The Taj Mahal

11 March 2015

Yesterday, we visited the extraordinary Taj Mahal in Agra, which overlooks the River Ganjes is quite honestly even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined! noch 147 Wörter


Picture of the day: Agra fort

This is the entrance of the impressive Red Fort in Agra in Northern India. It is huge and impressive, and for a person that is interested in history as I am, I enjoyed it quite a lot.



THINKTRAVEL : Taj Mahal Fact

I am sure you must have visited the Taj Mahal, the eternal symbol of love…
But do you also know a startling fact about it? noch 23 Wörter



His eyes were glued to that clock hanging on the opposite wall. ‘Ten minutes remaining’, he thought. He could hear three different voices pretty clearly at that moment; the screeching voice of the rocking chair on which he was resting, the slow momentary revolving of the ceiling fan that produces only an illusion of air being thrown and the tick-tock of the wall clock. noch 1.115 Wörter