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The red sandstone marvel- Agra Fort or Red Fort of India.

While Taj Mahal looms large across Agra, another amazingly magnificent but less known monument is the Agra Fort or Red Fort. While it doesn’t have a romantic story like the Taj, the Red Fort or Agra Fort plays a prominent role in Indian history. 383 weitere Wörter


Feeling famous and baby throwing: welcome to India 

In our first briefing Anu, the tour guide, asked everyone to lower their expectations „to zero“. It’s unclear if it was the language barrier or a way of ensuring positive trip advisor reviews but the group exploded into laughter at the sentiment. 353 weitere Wörter


Busines Trip Plus Plus di India

Busines Trip Plus Plus di India
(written: Tuesday, August 23, 2016)

Gue gak pernah punya rencana untuk travelling ke India. Banyak alasannya. Yang paling utama adalah cerita teman-teman yang pernah ke sana. 2.877 weitere Wörter


Happy Days with a Travel Companion

After months of solo travel, it was finally time for something different. My close Finnish friend Tino flew to Delhi to see me, and we explored northern India together for ten days. 648 weitere Wörter


The wonders of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has been amazing, so different from the northern hills and mountains but it has produced some beautiful moments and wonderful people. Back to the 18 hour train journey from Delhi to Jaisalmer and apart from waking at 3am with a random man tickling my feet, the journey went well and I arrived fairly fresh at 10am, checked into the cheap and cheerful Abu Safari guest house, freshened up and had some food. 1.642 weitere Wörter


Decorated Pillar Inside Agra Fort

This is not paint or dye or pigment. These are colored semi-precious stones cut into floral shapes & fixed on this pillar.

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The (hi)story behind the Taj Mahal


A post by our guest blogger, Vandhana K., a sixteen-year-old who talks in puns and writes in poems, enjoys tasty food and tasteful books (both at once if she can get them).  626 weitere Wörter