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Clock: Time and Space

Time and space are not real. Both are illusions created within our minds to trick us from seeing what is real, or from experiencing enlightenment as a whole, which our minds do in order to deal with the confusion of the higher level of consciousness our brains are capable of but which we cannot comprehend in our current state of consciousness. 411 weitere Wörter

Higher Consciousness

America's Roots: The Revolutionary War

Before delving into the state of affairs of today’s United States of America, perhaps it would serve us well to first analyze the foundation that our nation has rested upon for the past 240 years. 1.346 weitere Wörter

Constitution Of 1787

Thinking in the past

When I became a Christian as a teenager (over forty years ago, now), one of the things I had to endure was my atheist father’s anti-religious tirades. 533 weitere Wörter

For Non-believers