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Locke, Berkeley, & Empiricism: Crash Course Philosophy #6

This week we answer skeptics like Descartes with empiricism. Hank explains John Locke’s primary and secondary qualities and why George Berkeley doesn’t think that distinction works — leaving us with literally nothing but our minds, ideas, and perceptions.

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The Art of Learning!

Learning:  What does this word mean to you? School? University? Perhaps self study?

We do not get taught how to learn, only what to remember in school, for us to get a job and or have more study where we are told what to remember and how to behave. 617 weitere Wörter

The POWERful MIND: 3 Keys

The POWERful MIND: 3 Keys

We all have a mind, the energy of our mental bodies. This place is the beginning of all creation. When we are victims and servants to our mind, we feel helpless to our unconscious habits, patterns and behaviours, humans are naturally creatures of habit, habits in our thoughts become our… 1.147 weitere Wörter

New Future

Inspired by Illumination!

Illumination – Inspiration comes from bizarre places at times, so I was randomly hit and inspired to write about this topic right now. I love the discussion and experience in becoming lit up and lighter, to rise higher in consciousness, physically and in my growth. 672 weitere Wörter

Dialectical Materialism - It sounds like "diabolical" but it's not quite that bad

Dialectical Materialism is a school of thought which emerged from Karl Marx’s theory of history. Marx is said to have turned the Hegelian dialectic on its head. 530 weitere Wörter