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God is Reason: Part Three

Our last post, here, brought us up through the Reformation and the Enlightenment to roughly the beginning of the twentieth century, and this is where the damage has started to really show. noch 1.357 Wörter


A New Age of Enlightenment with Hot Science - Cool Talks

We are studying the enlightenment in my high school world history class. There was an explosion of scientific knowledge and advancements in art and literature during this time period, which was also known as the Age of Reason. noch 516 Wörter

Hot Science - Cool Talks

The Principle and Power of Faith

I love hearing, listening, and partaking in discussions about the principle and power of Faith.  I have read spiritual teachings from books older than the bible, books like the I Ching, Vedic Scriptures, Bhagavad Gita, and Upanishads, from much older spiritual teachings from Religious secs such as the Sikh, Buddhist, and Taoist and to relativity new spiritual teaching books like the old and new testament and many other and the principle of faith and belief and the power that is associate with the use of it is all too common. noch 643 Wörter

7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

“A Firm belief in something for which there is no proof”.

I started this blog a few days ago introducing the subjects of “Faith and Enlightenment.”  It is my intention to do my best to engage in a continuous and evolving conversation about who we are and how we can grow and become mature human spirits by discovering all the different tools or gifts that were given to us by the creator and designer of all the universes; gifts such as the ability to Love, Faith, Grace, Hope, Patience, Forgiveness and many other topics. noch 437 Wörter

7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

En Kongelig Affære [A Royal Affair] (2012)


I’ve always had a problem with costume dramas as a genre, and this is coming from someone who otherwise appreciates the world of genre cinema; a whole field of tropes and conventions that one can use and/or subvert to create a film is a great filmmaking tool when used right. noch 1.037 Wörter

Film Reviews

Threads of Enlightenment "A Journey into Personal Growth"

Attaining enlightenment should be everyone’s goal in life whether it’s spiritual, emotional, physical, finical, educational, and whatever areas in life that I have missed.  Obtaining enlightenment places us on a life long journey of self discovery.  noch 447 Wörter

7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit