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About Freemasonry

Modern Freemasonry is descended from the ancient guild system of European stonemasons and construction workers. Some aspects of Freemasonry’s modern ritual can be traced back nearly 1000 years. noch 189 Wörter

Masonic Education

Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen – He Prepares Your Path


I will go before you and make the crooked places straight…
Isaiah 45:2, NKJV


Do you ever feel like every time you try to move forward in something, you hit a roadblock, or something happens that throws you off course? noch 226 Wörter


Warriors Not Beggars

Fifteen years ago I had an unforgettable encounter with the Lord. His Presence captivated me. Touching the innermost parts of my being— my soul. Reassuring me I was unconditionally and eternally loved. noch 447 Wörter

Throwback Thursday


Sociology is usually defined in terms of the scientific or systematic study of society, two notions that postmodern – and just serious – thinkers today openly question. noch 634 Wörter


New Science/New World

– JD Tunnell, MA

In 1666, Sir Issac Newton reached the height of his achievement; exploring the invention of calculus, groundbreaking work in optics, and the development of the notion of gravity as a universal force. noch 1.059 Wörter

When Monarchs ruled.

When I began my interest in royalty I was at first solely concerned in learning their particular genealogies. As I delved into the history of each country I began to be interested in the reigns of each monarch. noch 710 Wörter

From The Emperor's Desk