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Diderot's Encyclopédie: The Age of Enlightenment in 28 Volumes

Founded on logic, reason, and the spirit of critical enquiry, the mid-18th century publication of the Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers…

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Spirituality in Art

I’ve been thinking about the age of enlightenment recently and what it meant to different cultures, predominantly England and France. It seems to me that the English, who excel at business, became more efficient money-makers through the mechanization of processes previously painstaking to workers with their industrial revolution. noch 238 Wörter


Sir Ken Robinson - Learning {Re}imagined

I picked up this video from the blog, Learning {Re}imagined written by Grahan Brown-Martin.  “Here is a longer and more complete interview with Sir Ken Robinson… noch 142 Wörter

Did You Know?

Voltaire's Candide, Part 2

 Quotations From Candide

“It is demonstrable,” said he , “that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for all being created for an end, all is necessarily for the best end. noch 1.690 Wörter

Sufficient Reason

Voltaire's Candide, Part 1

Voltaire the celebrity, but…

A favourite guest of celebrities
Wit, his chief quality

Voltaire lived in a castle, le château de Ferney and befriended Frederick  noch 1.282 Wörter


God is Reason: Part Three

Our last post, here, brought us up through the Reformation and the Enlightenment to roughly the beginning of the twentieth century, and this is where the damage has started to really show. noch 1.357 Wörter


A New Age of Enlightenment with Hot Science - Cool Talks

We are studying the enlightenment in my high school world history class. There was an explosion of scientific knowledge and advancements in art and literature during this time period, which was also known as the Age of Reason. noch 516 Wörter

Hot Science - Cool Talks