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Fate? Luck? Divine Intervention?

I could have been born a squirrel in a tree in India in the year 1284….fate? luck? Divine Intervention? God’s will?  Or I could have been born in Hungary or Poland in 1924 and suffered through some terrible years. noch 604 Wörter

A History of Art in Three Colours: White (BBC Documentary)

A History of Art in Three Colours Episode 3 of 3

In the Age of Reason, it was the rediscovery of the white columns and marbles of antiquity that made white the most virtuous of colours.

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Guru Ramana Maharshi on Meditation

We all want to be that little bit better in the new year, both on the inside and on the outside . Love yourself, love the world around you, better yourself through meditation! noch 524 Wörter


The Wisdom of Henry Miller

The following quotes are from the blog brainpickings

The Measure of a Life Well Lived: Henry Miller on Growing Old, the Perils of Success, and the Secret of Remaining Young at Heart… noch 321 Wörter