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Spiritually Confused In Arizona

Crash Test Dummies take a lickin‘ and keep on tickin‘, oh no, that’s the Energizer Bunny. Like either one, I keep taking spiritual muggings and yet continue to search. 410 weitere Wörter

. @DFAT will see this as a lost export opportunity

A 2nd woman arrested in #Iran for protesting forced #hijab by taking off her headscarf.
Name: Narges Hosseini #نرگس_حسینی
Women are removing their hijab, posting it with the hashtag…

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Age of Enlightenment 04 [Teaser]

Flashback 4: School is Just a Fancier Term for Prison

Two and a half years after Sougo and Kagura’s first meeting… 


„Gintoki!“ Kagura heard a man’s voice just outside the entrance of her apartment. 393 weitere Wörter

Age Of Enlightenment

Age of Enlightenment 03

Flashback 3: First Impressions are Hard on Your Hair

A day after Gintoki picks up Sougo from the junkyard…


When Kagura awoke from the basket which doubled as her crib, she was met with an unfamiliar face. 505 weitere Wörter

Age Of Enlightenment