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Leaving Vegetius Behind: The British Army's Departure from Classical Military Influence (1754-1783) - Part 1

No other classical text had more of an influence on princes and young officers of the 18th century than Flavius Vegetius’s De Re Militari. For centuries, the ancient Roman manual on the art of war inspired men to professionalize the militaries of Europe. 1.901 weitere Wörter

Revolutionary War

First Night Design | The Story of Pierre Jaquet Droz

This is quite the most extraordinary automaton I’ve ever seen and I suspect you might enjoy it also.

‚The story of Pierre Jaquet Droz and his sons is one of the most moving in the history of Horology.

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Art & Design

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Creative genius on the edge

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) was a French speaking political writer and educator born in Geneva, Switzerland.

After taking various odd jobs this self-taught intellectual moved to Paris in 1741, meeting up with… 851 weitere Wörter



We were born to make mistakes
not fake perfection.

From the Age of Enlightenment

Living Simply

On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship 1790

On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship (1790)

-By The Marquis De Condorcet   17 September 1743 – 28 March 1794

Custom may familiarise mankind with the violation of their natural rights to such an extent, that even among those who have lost or been deprived of these rights, no one thinks of reclaiming them, or is even conscious that they have suffered any injustice. 2.531 weitere Wörter

World Of The Spirit