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True love = financial stability

It is clear that money is the main focus in this play and is the reason why so many characters easily fall in and (sometimes) out of love. 265 weitere Wörter

When You Censure The Age (10/19)

Breaking News: News

The idea of exposing news is the main focus in my writing. Throughout my blog posts, I have come to a realization that I enjoy looking at the details or hidden messages of information. 427 weitere Wörter

Blog Reflection Day #1 (10/12)

Origins of White Supremacy

Last month I came across a YouTube video entitled, Understanding White Supremacy (And How to Defeat It). It is an interesting post that runs just over three minutes. 638 weitere Wörter

Bold ol' Gulliver

I would like to expand on Conor’s blog post about the idea of Gulliver’s Travels being a satire of travel and captivity. Like Conor said, Gulliver seems to poke fun of “Crusoe’s master of resourcefulness” and uses ridiculous tactics to solve problems. 301 weitere Wörter

Gulliver: The Butt Of A Joke (9/28, 10/5)