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Vacation in Afghanistan: The land of Bamiyan Buddhas is a beautiful tourist haven

While tourism may not be the first thing you associate with Afghanistan, the country does have much to offer to an avid traveller. And for those who call this country their home, have to often meet the contradictions of common stereotypes with the famous Afghan hospitality. noch 218 Wörter


Gunmen kill 13 civilian passengers in north Afghanistan

Unknown gunmen have killed 13 members of the ethnic Hazara minority travelling in two vehicles in a usually tranquil northern Afghan province.

The victims, all male passengers, were plucked from their vehicles and shot dead from close range in Balkh in a rare attack targeting ethnic minorities on Saturday. noch 162 Wörter


Why India Needs To Call Pakistan's Nuclear Bluff Once And For All

Terrorism and veiled threats are used by India in an attempt to balance the asymmetry between the two countries’ armed forces.

By Khalid Muhammad

It’s rare that someone hands me the opportunity to counter the dream script that is being prepared in New Delhi and Kabul for Pakistan, but this “journalist” did exactly that. noch 2.222 Wörter


Kabir Mokamel. Kabul, Afghanistan/Canberra, Australia. Stencil/Graffiti Artist.

Kabir Mokamel lived for many years in Canberra, Australia but four years ago decided to return to his birth country–Afghanistan. He is now considered one of Afghanistan’s top street artists. noch 165 Wörter

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The Afghan foreign ministry on Saturday announced that Qatar is going to open an embassy in Kabul. A ministry statement said that the matter was discussed between Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabani and his Qatari counterpart Khalid Bin Mohammed AlAttiyah on Friday, Khaama Press reported. noch 41 Wörter


Refugee crisis: German and Austria will accept Syrians, Afghans and Somalis as they embark on 150-mile trek to Vienna

Refugees: Concession announced by Werner Faymann, the Austrian Chancellor, within hours of Hungarian authorities providing buses for more 1,000 refugees who had set off on foot for Vienna after nearly a week stranded in squalor outside Budapest’s main railway station… noch 1.398 Wörter

1915 - September 5

My first battle as a General. The Brigade did very well. We had about 100 killed and wounded and the enemy lost from 600 to 1000.

Indian Army