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Royal Air Force 'Service of Commemoration - Afghanistan'

On Friday 13 March 2015 at 1100 there will be an Royal Air Force ‘Service of Commemoration – Afghanistan’ to mark the end of… More information


WATCH: Sikh Boy Bullied By Racists On School Bus

Harsukh Singh, a Sikh boy wearing a headcovering on a school bus, recorded himself getting bullied by other children who called him a terrorist. noch 114 Wörter


Bikes. Cee's Fun Foto Challenge.

As I was going through some photos for other posts, I came across some bike/motorcycle pictures that were just perfect for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week! noch 45 Wörter


Medal for RAF helicopter nurse

An RAF emergency nurse who has evacuated more than 600 wounded from the battlefields of Afghanistan’s Helmand province has been decorated for her life-saving efforts in… More information


Afghan Government is responsible for the kidnapping of 30 Hazara passengers

Hazara United Movement (HUM), United Kingdom is gravely concern over the safety of 30 Hazara passengers who were abducted from local buses in Sha Joi district of Zabul Province six days ago. noch 168 Wörter


Sara Bahayi - Afghanistan's First Female Cab Driver

If there’s one thing the team at ADT Taxis won’t stand for – it’s sexism. Despite the comparatively liberal age we live in, the roots of a once patriarchal society still linger. noch 359 Wörter

Afghan army begins large offensive against Taliban

KABUL – The Afghan army is waging its largest-ever solo offensive against the Taliban, hoping to strike a decisive blow ahead of the spring fighting season and prove it can rout the insurgents without the aid of U.S. noch 811 Wörter