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Trump and Gorbachev ترامب وغورباتشوف

Trump and Gorbachev

فبراير 22, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Whether Mikhail Gorbachev was an agent to the US intelligence as accused by his opponents or not, and whether Donald Trump was an agent to the Russian intelligence as accused by his opponents or not, the aspects of similarity in the circumstances which brought them to the rule, and the conditions in which each one rules, as well as the roles which are represented by each one of them in the history of the superpower where both of them stood at the top of the pyramid in it are elements that allow the objective comparison between the two figures. 1.284 weitere Wörter


The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos

The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos By Danny Sjursen

Tom Dispatch“ – The United States has already lost — its war for the Middle East, that is. 3.797 weitere Wörter



Listening to Politicians  talking in Parliament, about not bringing sufficient numbers of refugee children to this country, but they all ignore the real villians.

Not one word of condemnation for those who caused this refugee problem. 239 weitere Wörter

E.U. Referendum

Three Cups of Tea

Authors: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Genre: Biography

Page Count: 349

Publication Date: 2006

Summary: Greg Mortenson, an expert mountain climber, travels to Pakistan to attempt to climb the world’s second-tallest mountain.   218 weitere Wörter

War Sycophants and ROTC Kids

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Tom Ricks lecture at Arizona State University.  In his retirement as a defense reporter he is a Fellow at  793 weitere Wörter

Deportation to Afghanistan from Munich – protestors Gather at Munich Airport

Today the so far third deportation flight from Germany to Afghanistan was held. Between fifty to sixty people According to officials and press reports 18 men, together with police forces, were put on a charter plane of Meridiana. 437 weitere Wörter


Afghanistan, endless war

This video says about itself:

22 February 2017

Tariq Ali reminds us of Afghanistan’s years of war, subsequent US and NATO occupation and the inter-ethnic division which…

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Peace And War