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Afghanistan prepares for 2016

Lt-Gen John Nicholson, President Obama’s nominee for commander of American forces in Afghanistan spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee about Pakistan’s role in the peace and stability of the Pakistan/Afghanistan region. noch 532 Wörter


British government deports child refugees to war zones

This video from Canada says about itself:

Syrian Children Experience Snow

19 January 2016

Snow is a new experience but fun in any language looks the same.

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Human Rights

Matthew Fisher: Trudeau needs to stop ISIL with force, not with boasts about distributing blankets

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have it that he is returning Canada to its proper place as a righteous nation that does not do combat because its best talents lie in providing humanitarian aid. noch 829 Wörter


A Pipeline to South Asia Prosperity

In 2015, the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India natural gas pipeline (TAPI) shifted from theoretical concept to pragmatic initiative. That progress was due to three major breakthroughs: an agreement on the TAPI holding company’s share structure, the selection of a leader for the consortium, and the groundbreaking ceremony. noch 1.179 Wörter


No Easy Answers: Praying for Peace in Afghanistan

Why are millions of people fleeing their homes to risk the dangerous ocean crossing to Europe? What is it like to live in Afghanistan in 2016?   noch 2.044 Wörter

Wednesday What Is It?

Open Jirga with General Asad Durrani of the ISI

The Open Jirga programme where General Asad Durrani, the Former Head of the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Service) answers questions was voiced over in Dari. I thought to type out his answers in English for those who did not understand. noch 2.475 Wörter

West Vs East

Book six: The Kite Runner #Hosseini

I must start this review with an apology to all my friends who have been on at me for years to read this book. Why has it taken me so long? noch 737 Wörter

Book Review