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Pakistan is KSA's historic ally

Saudi Arabia’s campaign against Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, which began with waves of airstrikes overnight on Thursday, has laid down a new marker in the dangerously unstable Middle East. noch 780 Wörter

Clinton Week, the Anticlimax You Always Wanted

Everyone started tweeting on Friday that Hillary Clinton would announce sometime Sunday that she was running for president. So I floated the idea to my Diplomat colleagues of doing a piece on what a Clinton presidency may mean for Asia. noch 434 Wörter

Central Asia

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences are such an interesting concept and one of the joys of traveling and exploring the world. They also can be a huge pain in the ass. noch 632 Wörter


Beware the infidel with the weiner in his hand

Looking across a river,
I see a boy with a bottom like a peach,
But I am sad,
because I cannot swim.
Persian Poem

Their fingers were entwined like brown rivulets of Himalayan slurry.

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Afghan migrants concern about uncertain future

Waliullah, 16, was playing cricket in front of his home when he was called by his father and asked to pack his baggage to go back to their native country, Afghanistan. noch 483 Wörter


Dear Uncle Sam: War Tax Resistance Letter to the IRS

this is an edited version of the longer letter i mailed to the IRS before tax day. I edited it down to under 500 words so I could submit it to my local newspaper. noch 432 Wörter

American Dream

Family And Friends Pay Final Respects To Cpl. John Dawson Of Northbridge

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a somber day for family and friends of a hero from Massachusetts who was laid to rest Monday.

Cpl. John Dawson, 22, from Northbridge was killed earlier this month in Afghanistan. noch 104 Wörter