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The Dumbed-Down New York Times

In a column mocking the political ignorance of the “dumbed-down” American people and lamenting the death of “objective fact,” New York Times columnist Timothy Egan shows why so many Americans have lost faith in the supposedly just-the-facts-ma’am mainstream media. 783 weitere Wörter

Joshua Boyle, Canadian held hostage in Afghanistan, pleads for help in new video

The Canadian government said Tuesday it’s aware of a video released by Afghan militants that depicts Canadian hostage Joshua Boyle and his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, who were kidnapped while travelling in Afghanistan four years ago. 510 weitere Wörter


Report: US Spends One Trillion Dollars, Gets Terrorist Safe Haven In Return

Daily Caller, by Saagar Enjeti, Aug. 29, 2016:

After spending a trillion dollars and deploying hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops, Jihadi groups are likely to find safe haven in Afghanistan, a new… 450 weitere Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

How do I Talk to my "Boots" About Politics? Retaking the American Narrative in the Marine Corps

This is a guest post from Peter Lucier.

Peter Lucier is a Marine veteran (2008-2013) and student at Montana State University. He writes as a member of the Council of Former Enlisted for The Best Defense blog, and is the editor of the soon to be launched Return to Base ( 1.052 weitere Wörter


Number of Refugees to Europe Surges to Record 1.3 Million in 2015

Number of Refugees to Europe Surges to Record 1.3 Million in 2015. Pew Research Center. Phillip Connor. August 2, 2016.

A record 1.3 million migrants applied for asylum in the 28 member states of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland in 2015, nearly double the previous high water mark of roughly 700,000 that was set in 1992 after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the Soviet Union. 48 weitere Wörter