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Did the past happen

or does my mind play tricks on me? You guys know the feeling, right? I can’t really be sure I ever did those things or went to those places or met those people or that those people ever even existed. 504 weitere Wörter


Coincidental NZDF report on Afghanistan

NZ Herald has obtained a Defence Force draft report on their deployment in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

A damning NZ Defence Force report on our largest commitment to Afghanistan is hugely critical of politicians and senior commanders, along with many other aspects of our decade-long deployment to the country.

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Stephenson and Hager '100% sure'

In response to the NZDF head Tim Keating’s claim that Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson’s book ‚Hit & Run‘ made fundamental errors (he says the SAS were never involved in attacks on the named villages) Hager and Stephenson said they are ‚100% sure‘ they got things right. 446 weitere Wörter


Iran under Trump

Darko Lazar

All revolutions are constantly in evolution – on a never-ending quest for legitimacy and self-improvement. The revolution that gave birth to the Islamic Republic of Iran is no different. 798 weitere Wörter


CPEC: The goose with the golden eggs

Betting its fate on Pakistan with a $51-billion investment in infrastructure, China remains wary of its neighbour’s squint-eyed politicians who have proven their lack of vision over the years. 17 weitere Wörter


Afghanistan Qari Yasin -

Afghanistan Qari Yasin –

Today the Defense Department says Qari Yasin was responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent victims, including two American service members.  72 weitere Wörter