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Why I'm ok not being a morning person

It’s a fact: There are morning people and evening people, or larks and owls. I am most definitely an owl. (Actually, I have CFS so I’m not really either but you know, I especially struggle in the mornings.) 402 weitere Wörter


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Hey there fellow Soul Searcher,

This is just your daily reminder that you are worth it and you can achieve whatever it is you want in your life. 476 weitere Wörter

Soul Food

How to make friends in your seminar group

So, you’ve just arrived at uni, and you’re thrown into your first ‚proper‘ session of work, where it feels more like school than the lecture did – in a classroom with uncomfortable chairs and a whiteboard. 511 weitere Wörter

Tuscan Steak

After our wonderful Caribbean vacation, where we ate mostly seafood, we came back really wanting and craving steak.   Like with everything else I cook, I like to make things in a variety of ways to keep our meals fun and exciting, so I am always coming with new twists to old classics. 556 weitere Wörter

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Why should you be thinking about clearing now?

Results day can be an emotional time, particularly if you’re coming to terms with not getting your grades and want to apply to another course through Clearing. 330 weitere Wörter