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How can I change the world?

On a beautiful morning, as I sat on the deck, meditating and breathing in the beauty of Nature — the birds, the trees, the air — I was saddened by the idea that there is so much beauty in this world, but such hatred also.   342 weitere Wörter

Don't waste my time

Don’t waste my time

Polluting my mind,

With all of your hatred and bigotry

For this stuff does not appeal to me,

It goes against everything that I believe, 280 weitere Wörter


Miracles we are

What are we if not miracles

we come from universe materials,

forged by creation in the cosmic space

energy, atoms and particle traces,

we are light that is the truth… 98 weitere Wörter


Mighty you

From tiny seeds do great oaks grow

in similar ways this applies to our soul,

we can be mightier than we know

when no longer domestically or consciously controlled, 90 weitere Wörter


Wachtell's Lipton Reviews the State of Play in Activism

As we approach the start of the 2018 proxy season, developments since January 2015 prompt a brief review of the state of play.

  • There has been no slowdown in the U.S.; there has been a significant increase in other countries.
  • 664 weitere Wörter
Corporate Governance

Boxed up

Boxes are convenient

To containerise things in,

They stop things from straying

And make things easier to find,

People put things in boxes of their minds… 106 weitere Wörter


Protest Breaks Out In The Middle Of Gucci Mane’s Book Signing

Gucci Mane may need to invest in some extra security. Earlier this week, an animal activist protest broke out in the middle of his The Autobiography of Gucci Mane book signing. 49 weitere Wörter

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