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Rita Mae Brown - ريتا ماي براون

 كاتبة وناشطة امريكية شهيرة، عرفت بكتابة انواع الخيال والغموض كما رشحت لجوائز الايمي لكتابة السيناريو لعدد من الافلام


Replica Slave Cabin Raises Questions in Missouri Community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – An 85-year-old white widow’s opening of a replica slave cabin to attract people to her Missouri black history library is drawing the ire of an activist who considers the site an „in-your-face reminder“ about slavery. noch 559 Wörter


Self Harming: A plea for attention?

Many people ask, is it just a way for people to get attention? 

DEFINITELY NOT. I know some people are not actually- I’ll say ill- enough to harm themselves purposely but, on sites like tumblr and Instagram many seem it romanticize and normalize using self-harm as a way to release emotions, making it seem like something that isn’t wrong. noch 43 Wörter

Weary of protest, Baltimore activists seek change elsewhere

BALTIMORE (AP) — Under the beating summer sun, retired steelworker Arthur B. Johnson Jr. stood outside the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore, clutching the fraying wooden handle of a homemade sign. noch 1.024 Wörter


The Lawyers That Were Left

It has been a year since over 300 human rights lawyers, activists, as well as those connected to them (including their friends and family), were detained by the Chinese government. noch 99 Wörter


Inside Out: Luvuyo Mose on balancing University, being an activist and his ambitions.

Luvuyo Zwelilunge Mose. Not many know this Eastern Cape-born Student of the University of Western Cape. Not yet, anyway. This man has great ambitions. I decided to take a bit of a fresh take on the conventional interview (partially because Luvuyo lives in a different province, and partially because a telephonic interview can get expensive)  by doing a ‘Whatsapp’-interview with him. noch 972 Wörter

Inside Out

FBI 'No Knock, No Warrant' Raid on Activists During RNC

Videos compiled by on-scene Activist Post reporter, Derrick Broze, clearly show the FBI tactics used on activists at the RNC. Source: FBI ‘No Knock, No Warrant’ Raid on Activists During… noch 11 Wörter