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A Time For Changes

This year has already passed by way too fast. Right now, it is the end of July and this weekend is the beginning of August. I honestly can’t believe that the summer is almost over. noch 218 Wörter


garbage crisis in lebanon

Garbage crisis and protests have been on the news all over the country for the past week.

People are all complaining, and it’s their absolute right… noch 370 Wörter


Barbara Levels

Barbara Levels
Contact: This Number


-Went to the streets with my complaints
-Found I didn’t like the world was being conducted
-Protested and railed against a lot… noch 241 Wörter


Hello world!


My name is Nije Durdeen and I’m a model here in Pennsylvania. I’ve created this blog as a platform to voice my opinions on the many prejudices black people here in America face, whether it pertains to unfair standards in the fashion industry, police brutality, cultural appropriation, the unjust judicial system, the over sexualization of the black female body, white privilege, systemic racsim, and so on, and so forth. noch 1.148 Wörter


James Baldwin wants you to change the way you think

Yesterday my brother sent me a link to a song by Mateo Senolia and his timing couldn’t have been better. The song, “Baldwin” uses sound clips of James Baldwin giving a speech and in this speech, as in most of his speeches, Baldwin displays a great rhetorical power and shows the strength of his ideas regarding identity in America – an issue a lot of us have been grappling with lately as it relates to race and justice. noch 542 Wörter


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

It’s generally accepted that people are not born hating others. This is one issue that is seen to be a product of nurture rather than nature. noch 771 Wörter


Winding the tunes of our founding father

Four years ago, my family took in an exchange student from Germany. He gave me this traditional handmade musical box that originated from his hometown and sings a local folk tune about fisherman. noch 514 Wörter