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My mind wonders when the sun sets, when the world rests. 

Silence engulfs the air

Sounds appear

But no voices 

Just the ones inside

The mind becomes a maze… noch 82 Wörter

God; and what I USED to believe

You ask me why I no longer believe,
The face of God I can not see,
As I weep at night to The Lord,
I plead “save my life” noch 20 Wörter

Tingly feeling

Comfort and passion
are your strengths
you take my empty spirit
and you stretch it to different lengths
I can always trust you
to catch me when I fall… noch 32 Wörter


Please open up the curtains
Let in the light
This room is darker
Then a winters night
Let the sun beat down on my teary face… noch 117 Wörter

Another Activist Climbs Tree in City Park

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– Another activist managed to climb a tree in City Park.

The new tree sitter, named Beaux, got past the barricades Saturday.

A group called ‘Wild is Free’ says Beaux climbed up the tree Saturday before it could be cut down to make way for a new golf course. noch 24 Wörter


Being An INFP In This World

In my past posts, I have stated that I am an INFP. This post is dedicated to all of those who are just like me. Who are INFP’s. noch 561 Wörter


Its good to have allies...

As i’m learning more and more about activism on all sides,when doing research it is good to know some celebrities share my sentiments on issues relating to me. noch 33 Wörter