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The Power Of Social Media

Social media has played a huge part in Europe’s „Refugee Crisis.“ Social media has been central to so many stories, social media is the reason many people became involved in supporting refugees and social media is also the reason many refugees found their way in the safest way possible to a new life in Europe. noch 1.217 Wörter


Free the Nipple: A Controversial Issue

Free the Nipple is a campaign that was founded in 2014 after the documentary by Lina Esco, the actress and activist. The movement promotes gender equality and social justice for women’s bodies. noch 957 Wörter

Current Events

Afro-Cuban Activists Fight Racism Between Two Fires — The Militant Negro™

Originally posted on Repeating Islands: Sujatha Fernandes (The Nation) centers on Afro-Cuban activists, saying that “They’re caught between a government that denies the existence of racism and fellow black Cubans who lack racial consciousness.” On May 4, the Network of Afro-descendant Women convened an urgent meeting of activists, academics, and members of organizations fighting against…

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Peaceful Activism - How I make my own vegan themed sticker

“If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.” ― Eldridge Cleaver

It is time for me to take stock. noch 473 Wörter


Surprising Words and Phrases That Made It Into My Dissertation

I wrote my dissertation about women’s experiences as practitioners of technical and professional writing in the workplace. I graduated earlier this month, but I’m still working on getting the formatting of the final document approved by the graduate school. noch 235 Wörter


Doritos Angers Pro Choice Activist

Doritos has done it again.  Pro choice activist are rebelling against a commercial that aired in the Super Bowl. This happened earlier this year, but didn’t get too much attention. noch 187 Wörter

EVICTION ::Banc Expropiat, convocatòria urgent! – #ElBancResisteix — The Free

per solidaritat 23 mai 2016 Estan intentant desallotjar el Banc! Les companyes estan resistint a dins, tancades a la caixaforta ens confirmen que estan bé , donem-li suport!

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