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70 Intl. Groups Send Solidarity Message to Bolivarian Venezuela.

The message declared that the only violations of human rights that have been committed in Venezuela in recent weeks have been perpetrated by the violent opposition. 14 weitere Wörter


Art as an activist tool

The main aim of Art being used as an activist tool is to fight back any political and social injustice by challenge them.  These injustices can vary from raising awareness about the people living in poor living condition in underdeveloped countries, environmental concerns, immigration issues and so on and so forth, in simple terms an Art Activist seeks to address the collapsing states that construct an ideal modern society. 1.119 weitere Wörter


All humanity suffers

When one person detontes death

In the form of a destructive weapon,

All of humanity suffers the pain

And feels the fear and the suffering. 39 weitere Wörter



Over time we all change

As do things around us

The people we know,

The places we see,

All flowing in and out

of change constantly. 55 weitere Wörter


Preservation of ancestry 

The beauty of Amazonian trees

The breathtaking coral reefs

Mount Everest with its awesome peaks

And the South American and Egyptian pyramids

Are just a few things i wish to see… 94 weitere Wörter


Clear the mind

Have you ever really sought

To empty all your thoughts,

To clear your mind and just review

All the things you thought you knew

And if you did then did you find, 106 weitere Wörter


Radiate the love 

If we radiate around ourselves

The unconditional love for all

And put aside the fear and hate

Then maybe we could start to negate,

The vicious acts and obscenities… 145 weitere Wörter