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Money corrupts

Money corrupts

like power it seems

to someone who is poor it seems quite obscene,

that though people are rich

and have more than they need, 120 weitere Wörter


Activists Won the First Presidential Debate

Many conversations have been sparked by one question since the first presidential debate was held: „Who won?“ This is too open of a question, and too big of an assumption, to respond, but I believe the real winners were those who did not even make it to the debate hall. 393 weitere Wörter


Pat Rousseau Fought Hard for Everyone

The woman in the middle is Pat Rousseau and this past Sunday, she died. This photo was our first, with Mary Malone, and only meeting of the Sunday Afternoon Neon Movies Watching Group (we were trying to give it a much simpler name—but I can’t remember if we finalized one) which was going to be a summer long movie watching group.   1.184 weitere Wörter


Don't believe the hype

Believe in them

they say we must

but they have been known to betray trust,

so believe in nothing

not even me

unless you understand the truth of things, 60 weitere Wörter


Final moments 

Harken to all that is said

Far to many people end up dead,

By the hand of injustice

Or at the hands of those immune to peace. 82 weitere Wörter


We got it all wrong

Is it not indicative of the world that we live in where people who protest in order to save the sacred places of this planet and to protect it’s ever depleting resources are arrested and imprisoned, whilst those guilty of destroying raping and pillaging it are given funding and grants whilst being protected by the law of force who in their uniforms will not hesitate to bust your skull.


The Riddle of Steel | Abolitic Books

I take a deep breath
my palms sweaty,
heart pounding,
but my resolve
steady as I think…

How long says he
who lays beneath your feet, 25 weitere Wörter