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Thank you, Sabeen.

As I think of T2F (The Second Floor), I think of a sanctuary: a protective sphere that nurtures creativity, that fosters freedom of expression and that questions, breaks and reinvents the rules. noch 696 Wörter


We have no choice. This is the only way.

Today I took part in another meeting between Arab and Jewish teenagers in Israel. For those who don’t know this, I volunteer in an organization called “אפשר אחרת” or in English “A New Way.” It literally means- “A different way is possible.” During the meetings, I speak privately with the students and try to understand how they feel, and why. noch 525 Wörter

Children, the Media and Moral Panic.

One cannot understand just how real the struggle is, until invited to a baby shower where the child’s gender is unknown or undisclosed. That struggle, is so incredibly real. noch 886 Wörter


Veganism on College Campuses

I wanted to share my big feature article for my Magazine Journalism class with all of you because it was really important to me. Veganism is an incredibly important part of my life, and I wanted to make one last stand with my final article in the ESU Stroud Courier. noch 2.051 Wörter


Tuesday: Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Gay Marriage

Chief Justice John Roberts, who shocked conservatives nearly three years ago by providing a pivotal vote to uphold Obamacare, will again face a historic judicial decision, states CNN. noch 54 Wörter


Sabeen Mahmud, Pakistani activist, killed by unidentified gunmen

Moments after hosting an event in Kirachi for “disappeared people,” 40-year-old social and human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud was fatally shot when the car that was carrying her away from the event came under heavy fire from unidentified gunmen on Friday night. noch 116 Wörter

Human And Civil Rights

Perfect Body= Very Little Food?


      Let me start off by saying that, I love food. I mean, I LOVE FOOD! Right now, as I’m writing this post, I’m eating a vegetarian bean and veggies burrito with mango salsa and chips. noch 298 Wörter