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The Literal Pain of Learning: Can we Feel new Connections Forming?

I was talking to my neuroscience psychology professor today about realization I felt last night.

You know how it can hurt to learn something?

 Such as when you take a math class and learn a whole new concept and it feels like your brain hurts? noch 129 Wörter

Mental Disorder

Dealing With Bipolar Disorder

Are you okay? What’s wrong?
Those are the most common questions that I receive on a daily basis. Trust me, it gets extremely annoying and irritating very fast. noch 476 Wörter


Healing My Body Correctly

(Turkey burger with sweet potato fries at Rock and Brews in Albuquerque)

Recently, within this past month, I began to get sick. I was dragging myself around and looking paler. noch 247 Wörter


Virginia Shooting Atrocity - Actions taken by Alison's Father

As we are aware, the beautiful Souls of Alison Parker, journalist, and Adam Ward, cameraman from WDBJ7 were taken from us a few days ago by former reporter Vester Flanigan, who also went by the on-air name Bryce Williams. noch 255 Wörter

The United States

“You can never know where you are going unless you know where you have been.”–Amelia Boynton Robinson

Today, this woman–Amelia–an amazing activist, passed away at 104 years old.

noch 166 Wörter
Quote Of The Day

Remembering World War II - and Reflecting 70 Years Later

Imagine. The date is August 15th, 1945.  You are an ordinary American citizen waking up on what seems like an ordinary day.  You still expect that the war will continue, as it has for the past four years.  noch 1.132 Wörter

Your Voice

Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty

Many of us are tired with the fact that we reported the many hunter groups and Facebook failed to delete them. Good news for all of us as Anonymous recently released this video giving hunters and Facebook admins… noch 117 Wörter