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Daphne Sheldrick: Saying goodbye to the queen of the elephants
Daphne Sheldrick: Saying goodbye to the queen of the elephants

Dame Daphne Sheldrick, pioneer of elephant conservation and founder of a Kenyan orphanage that has rescued and raised more than 200 elephants, died last Thursday at age 83. 531 weitere Wörter


What we do is defined by who we help.

Meet Mrs. Nurennesha Begam, a 45 year old who started her backyard poultry enterprise with us in March 2016, in Babnan.

Mrs. Nurennesha Begam is married and her family consists of five persons- herself, her husband, a daughter, and her elderly in-laws. 285 weitere Wörter

Me defined in small part

Visceral me

With my passionate needs

To write just how I feel

Not trying to write

Through literary studies

Intellectual that’s not me

I talk about what makes me bleed… 236 weitere Wörter


She Should Never Have Let Him Walk Away

She would never forgive herself for allowing him to walk away.

Now she must uncover the horrifying truth that her son tried to takw to his grave. 20 weitere Wörter


The Gus Story

“I remember wishing that it happened to me because if it had been me everyone would’ve remembered me in the same way that he was getting remembered.

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Equality is a right

Equality is a human right

But you need also the foresight

To see it within yourself

And then resonate it in everyone else

And this will come back to you… 43 weitere Wörter


Laxmi Narayan Tripathi – Perfect example to look up to

While traveling in luxury AC cars, you always notice the transgenders begging on the streetlights, no matter how hot it is. This transgender community has to fight really hard to earn a living, not only are they not given any work but also are never given the respect they deserve. 268 weitere Wörter