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Update and Hello, I'm still alive

The first half of 2017 is over, and we only have so much longer to endure. Although, despite my absence and possible sense of dread that it may seem that have, I’m hopeful. 343 weitere Wörter


Ecologically inept

Verdant green are the meadows and trees,

A wondrous testament of our nature

As well as our ecology,

Lush and beautiful, evolved from creations seed, 189 weitere Wörter


Self Destruct

Disastrous is a world today

as we see on the TV by the death and decay

brought upon the innocent who have no interest

in the corporate, government, religious zest… 310 weitere Wörter


I ache

I have an ache,

An ache for love,

An ache for life,

An ache for this world

Why are we the blight,

We were given an opportunity… 70 weitere Wörter


Merkel blasts arrest of German activist by Turkey as 'unjustified'

KIENBAUM, Germany (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday sharply criticized Turkey’s detention of German human rights activist Peter Steudtner as „absolutely unjustified“, saying the German government would do all it could to secure his release.

Universal seed

You were once a seed planted in the soil of the universe,

You were once the greatest potential for this earth,

Standing up for justice, peace and liberty, 116 weitere Wörter


Turkish Court Jails Amnesty International’s Country Director and Five Other Activists Pending Trial

(ISTANBUL) — A court in Istanbul ordered six human rights activists — including Amnesty International’s Turkey director — formally arrested Tuesday pending a trial over accusations that they aided an armed terror group, adding to concerns over human rights in the country.

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