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Snow Days, Laughter, and The Movies

WOW it’s been a while! As usual, things have been a bit crazy for me. I’m starting to think that crazy is the new normal! Just a short little update for everyone :) noch 449 Wörter

From Brooklyn to Palestine: A thank you note to Palestinian and Middle Eastern sisters who re-educated me on my world view

Thank you Mondoweiss for giving me an opportunity to write this and say thank you to a few people. Please read below or click here to read at Mondoweiss – … noch 1.062 Wörter

Black America

Khalida Brohi- Young Pakistani Activist

Nearly 1000 “honor” killings are reported in Pakistan each year, murders by a family member for behavior deemed “shameful,” such as a relationship outside of marriage. noch 63 Wörter


March Events:

More info on all of these events is found on this website and on facebook. Just compiling the whole list to make this coming Month easier to navigate! noch 145 Wörter

All Black Everything

So, Black History Month is coming to a close. It has had its ups and downs. I think I made it through the entire month with only hearing someone ask why there isn’t a… noch 410 Wörter


Since we have been discussing Margaret (Molly) Brown and her influence on the suffrage movement, I thought I might share this great series of Anti-Suffrage posters… noch 18 Wörter