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Philosophy Students Interview Hip-Hop Artist Olmeca

by Colleen Hanson ’19 and Ariela Tubert

In November of 2016, University of Puget Sound welcomed Hip-Hop artist Olmeca to campus for a concert. In addition to being a Hip-Hop artist who brilliantly merges English and Spanish to create a powerful narrative regarding identity and expression, Olmeca is a civil rights activist and scholar.   1.446 weitere Wörter

General Interest

Fur fighters (Make a stand against the fur trade)

I remember a time when those who wore fur

had paint thrown on them

please why did this stop

for it’s cruel and it’s barbaric… 108 weitere Wörter


It's a corrupt system and a privilleged state

They will drain every last resource from you

they will continue to always oppress what you do

they will try and silence and muffle you. 343 weitere Wörter


Monday Muse💓: Selma Rubin

Selma Rubin (March 28, 1915 – March 9, 2012) was an American environmentalist and environmental activist. She was called a co-founder of Earth Day. Rubin was a member or adviser for more than forty organizations spanning more than 57 years.



Maximus is a freethinker, iconoclast and martial artist who aspires to one day be a true philosopher king.


We live in a feminist, wishy washy culture of beta males who are too scared to move. 901 weitere Wörter

"Magnificent promises are always to be suspected."

„Magnificent promises are always to be suspected.“

— Theodore Parker, minister, author, activist


The 44 Year Long March for Life

A few months ago, the United States and other countries joined together for the Women’s March on January the 21st. There is no deny the magnitude of the Women’s March; however, there were many women who felt left out. 1.198 weitere Wörter