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Boston Anarchist Black Cross Officially Shuts Down

After over two years of inactivity, Boston Anarchist Black Cross has officially called it quits. Former members came to the conclusion that the group was not revivable, and transferred all remaining funds to the current bottomliners of Prison Action News to help cover postage and printing expenses. noch 8 Wörter


Anarchist organising in Northampton

A new anarchist group is being set up in Northampton at a launch meeting this coming Wednesday 10th February 2016


Detroit's 'sexiest anarchist housing collective' seeks help making repairs

seeks help making repairs

 Trumbullplex, Detroit’s anarchist housing collective, has started a fundraising effort to restore one of the two homes on Trumbull Ave. and W. noch 48 Wörter


Police officer celebrates Black Lives Matter activist's suicide: 'Love a happy ending'

FAIRBORN, Ohio (AP) — Officials say an Ohio police officer is being put on paid leave over a Facebook comment about a Black Lives Matter activist who killed himself on the Statehouse steps. noch 166 Wörter


Friday's Creator Corner: Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist

Each Friday I feature a Creative Artist on Friday’s Creator Corner. Creativity is the art of making something out of nothing. I leave the post up for a week, then replace it with another post. noch 25 Wörter

Creator Corner Fridays

How Far Is Too Far: Cyber Vigilantes

“We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

These are the words commonly associated with the online “hacktivist” and activist group Anonymous, which Time magazine has stated are one of the 100 most influential “people” in the world in 2012. noch 544 Wörter