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Smokey Bear

Created by Marcis Dzelzainis from London´s 69 Colebrook Row, who takes the bold step of using a mezcal with the rum. A stiff drink, no doubt. noch 53 Wörter


Absinthe cocktails for the Moulin Rouge

In anticipation of a Moulin Rouge-themed party coming up soon, I’ve pulled together a handful of absinthe cocktails that aren’t too complex or use ingredients that are too obscure. noch 123 Wörter



When someone challenges you, they want to know what you are made of. The woman challenges you to see how you handle the situation, and from this you can infer that she cares. noch 67 Wörter



The schizoid tendencies will not be controlled. The internal and the external will be united as planned, but there will always be a power asymmetry between them. noch 105 Wörter



What is POWER? Power is the ability to walk away. To not act. Power is the negative freedom from the pressure of action. Power is the idea-death of obligation. noch 621 Wörter



I walked down the streets of hell
all for a hot voluptuous kiss
the neighbors were quite nice
they told me where to park
regardless of the sunless curse… noch 143 Wörter


April guru: Ian Hutton tells us all about the magic of the green fairy

This month’s guru is Ian Hutton, founder of Liqueurs de France, a company which specialises in absinthe, and which has recently developed its own range, Enigma. noch 23 Wörter