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absinthe orange + chamomile gin fizzes

I’m looking outside on the back porch right now, and our large, wooden dining table is completely covered by flowering annuals and vegetable starts. That’s this afternoon’s project before work: planting the spring garden. noch 1.055 Wörter


The Power of Positive Drinking

It’s a well-documented fact that many revered authors were drinkers.  Not teetotalers, but hardcore, slam-them-back, liver abusers.  And aside from the moderation argument, is there anything outwardly wrong with that?  noch 902 Wörter

The Sazerac

This is an absolutely exquisite drink, the holy grail of cocktails! And, no, it’s not a man’s drink! I know plenty of girls (I’m one of them) who’d take one of these every time over some of the bellywash we see men drinking these days… noch 463 Wörter

Rye Whiskey
  • hot muddled wine
  • Kozel
  • big jugs with awesome handles
  • absinthe
  • drinks on fire in large round glasses meant to drink before or after dinner

Portland Potables' Chrysanthemum

My take on a classic cocktail where vermouth is the star player, supported by alpine liqueur and absinthe.


2 oz Imbue vermouth

1 oz… noch 90 Wörter


Slumming It in Paris | Victorian Paris

Tourist traps were not invented yesterday. The Parisians had the hang of it very early on. One of the tourist’s attractions in the past was the glimpse of the redoubtable Apaches… noch 7 Wörter

19th Century

Review: The Poison Artist (Small Spoilers)

I finished this book at the start of April and wasn’t planning to review it so soon, but I’m currently re-reading the White Trash Zombie series and wanted to post more reviews before I finish that. noch 504 Wörter

Book Review