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Roaming, Rouladen & Rounds

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I left New York to come to Berlin.  The days have been long, but fulfilling.  Crazy how quickly you can grow close to people in such a short amount of time.   noch 313 Wörter


Escaping Madrid ~ Brussels, Easter 2015.

Two of mis amigas have recently relocated to Belgium and the Netherlands, so of course I had to go visit ASAP and booked myself a whooole 10 days escape in northern Europe for the Easter holidays. noch 551 Wörter


Czech your head!

First of all, I’d just like to make it clear that I know the title is a really bad pun, but it just had to be done. noch 4.049 Wörter


Vincent van Gogh: Can We Forget About the Ear?

Vincent van Gogh obviously had his share of problems.  Most of us don’t cut off an ear no matter how bad a day we’re having. (Actually, there is evidence that he only cut off a small part of one ear).   noch 746 Wörter


Joy Division

Yesterday I walked with my sweetheart Eva over our favorite flea market and we found this wonderful mixing glass. I have inaugurated it this evening with a stirred gin drink,  … noch 58 Wörter


Carolina Da Siena - Brucia

Burn, by Carolina from Siena, illustrates both passion and destruction – the creation of intense relationships and experiences which are doomed to expire from the start.

The girl in gray

The girl from a long time ago…
What she thinks
Whats been digesting…

“Some more lexatives please.”