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All you need to know about Absinthe- The Mysterious Drink!

While exploring the history of various alcoholic drinks you cannot beat the legacy of Absinthe. Most of the people might not even be aware that this exceptional drink even exists. 353 weitere Wörter

Best Absinthe Drinks

The Paleo Diet

This is the hot new thing, where you eat what cavemen ate, which, according to this picture I found, includes flowers and rhinoceroses and absinthe. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to emulate the diet of people who were lucky to live to age 20, but give me enough absinthe and I’m sure I’ll forget all about those misgivings. 3.1/5


The Smoking Monk


The Smoking Monk (by @coqtale)


Morning Cocktail

The hair of the dog remedy is largely a myth.; sort of like drinking from the wrong side of the glass to cure hiccups. I have my doubts these potent potations were actually intended as a morning cure for a hangover. 294 weitere Wörter

Pancake Tuesday, give me Mardi Gras!

Here in the UK the last day before the start of lent has us heading to the supermarket for pre-made pancake mix or looking up Jamie Oliver videos on YouTube. 343 weitere Wörter