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Oysters and Absinthe. A Dauntless Valentine’s

The mystique associated with absinthe has long captivated many of our most radical artists, eccentric musicians and deepest philosophers. Each one, although they may have been considered ludicrous in their time, were true genius’ of their art form—Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, to name a few. noch 367 Wörter


Vienna Waits for Me

The drive to Vienna was short and sweet (minus the church filled with skeletal remains).

There was an included Austrian dinner and then, since it is Friday, we decided to paint the town red. noch 774 Wörter

Final Reflections on the City of Sin

What did I take back with me across the country when I left Las Vegas? If nothing else, a new perspective on the City of Sin…and not the typical tux and gambling bacchanal perspective. noch 594 Wörter

en pointe (haiku)

en pointe –
the fourteenth rehearsal
perfectly timed

Linked to Carpe Diem #673: Rehearsal in the Studio of the Opera.  Our inspiration comes from the… noch 280 Wörter


I walked down the streets of hell
all for a hot voluptuous kiss
the neighbors were quite nice
they told me where to park
regardless of the sunless curse… noch 143 Wörter


Past Imperfect - #2

Looking back, Thelma realized that perhaps she shouldn’t have gotten into the absinthe whilst unsupervised…

Poor Choices

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