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Turning 46 Gets Weird: Part 2: Pamplona

I got home from the spa appointment, feeling relaxed and content, still riding the high from Z’s visit. That had been the best possible birthday present. noch 1.821 Wörter



I walked down the streets of hell
all for a hot voluptuous kiss
the neighbors were quite nice
they told me where to park
regardless of the sunless curse… noch 143 Wörter


Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 22


Early this year I had a very unpleasant head cold.  So I gave my characters, Felicity and Cornelis, nasty head colds too — and funny, sneezing chaos ensued. noch 2.972 Wörter

Teagan's Books

A great Bodyshop cleanser.

A fantastic Bodyshop cleanser that really does perform.

I tried this in store and got a sample and quite frankly I’m impressed. My love of cleansers continues and this will be a regular feature I suspect. noch 218 Wörter

Sweet poison in a bottle

As much as I appreciate the effects of alcohol, I never found the appeal of getting smashed at someone’s place on vodka shots, or going through bottles of beer. noch 1.038 Wörter

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Culinary Travel: Maison de l'absinthe in Motiers

Last Sunday was Father’s Day, so the boys and I took my husband to a bar to drink absinthe. Now, if I told you the bar was in a museum dedicated to Swiss absinthe production, it would seem more like an educational experience rather than a bad parenting decision, right? noch 747 Wörter



glass you see things as you wish they were


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