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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida

Absinthe Alcohol Effects While the Treatment For Alcoholism in Florida is based on the available medications and known strategies, this is an area of active research for quite some time now and researchers are coming up with novel drugs and also existing drugs with different indications. noch 35 Wörter


I walked down the streets of hell
all for a hot voluptuous kiss
the neighbors were quite nice
they told me where to park
regardless of the sunless curse… noch 143 Wörter


Myths still fuel absinthe's allure: Mix an absinthe frappe that would make Oscar Wilde proud

Were you to line up famous scapegoats, along with the biblical Eve, hapless Cubs fan Steve Bartman and Mrs. O’Leary’s arsonist cow, you’d have to give a nod to absinthe, the bitter, anise-and-fennel-flavoured liquor. noch 1.158 Wörter


The Independent on Sunday - The Franco-Swiss Absinthe Trail

A century after absinthe was outlawed in France, Caroline Bishop goes on the trail of wild, green fairy liquid.

Written for The Independent on Sunday, 19 July 2015.

Read online here


Remembering Hemingway

Yesterday was Hemingway’s birthday, and we celebrated it appropriately at the bar where I work:



I was looking at the absinthe spoons and the old lady manning the shop asked if I had ever had absinthe. I had to tell her no. noch 47 Wörter