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Cocktail Club | Post-Election Corpse Revier #2

November Cocktail Club proved to be a great one! We were all feeling the post-election blues, and we really just needed an afternoon in our pajamas, recovering from the devastation of the recent election, eating a ton of great comfort food — and of course, the cocktail had to be on point! 367 weitere Wörter

Cocktail Club

La Louisane

A Cocktail that I have not heard of until recently, the La Louisane hails from New Orleans. I certainly think that with the ingredients it will have an interesting array of flavours, although I guess for an upand coming bar there are two ways of looking at it. 189 weitere Wörter

Sweet Vermouth

My first taste of absinthe.

My first taste of absinthe was in New Orleans…. To be fair it will probably be my last taste! Trying a glass of absinthe has been on my bucket list for sometime and in my head I imagined a luminous green thick liquid which when swirled round the glass would stick. 175 weitere Wörter

nginious! Gin

Think of Switzerland and you probably think of chocolate, watches and cuckoo clocks. You probably don’t think of spirits. And yet Switzerland has a relationship with absinthe that rivals that of the UK’s with gin. 1.356 weitere Wörter



Hello Everyone!

I apologize you the disruption in my posts. I thought I had a review and a book haul scheduled for your enjoyment, but I guess I did not have them set up. 555 weitere Wörter


Making Absinthe in Switzerland

A very fun article form Food Republic. it starts this way

In the bright green hills of Boveresse on the border of Switzerland and France, down a sleepy street lined with cobblestones, in an old, dusty house, you will find Philippe Martin quietly distilling absinthe. 38 weitere Wörter


While searching on Yelp for someplace for dinner, i came across Farm. It looked like a great french inspired breakfast brunch place that just started dinner service on fridays and saturdays with a prix frixe menu. 518 weitere Wörter