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Absinthe: The Drink You Aren't But Should Be Drinking

Absinthe, as a social drink, is a wonderful, kinetic force for spontaneity. Perhaps not with as vivid dramatics in real life as a Baz Lurhmann film, but its green color suggests medicinal qualities of spiritual therapy if not legitimate corporeal remedy. 946 weitere Wörter


The Poet's Guide To The 6 Choicest Beverages

The most refined beverages of life are abrasive: coffee, absinthe, scotch, oúzo, glögg, IPAs—and the rowdier the better. They are most inspiring when poured into unadorned cups in unadulterated ponds. 578 weitere Wörter


Exorcism of Emily Rose

Big bottle of J&B and some pseudo absinthe.


The Bag of Nails, Bristol

I’ve had a few days away, visiting a friend who lives in Weston Super Mare. As the train goes through Bristol, we met there and went to our favourite pub, the Bag of Nails. 172 weitere Wörter


G.S. ADVANCE - Levitation (Video)

Here’s the second single, Levitation, from G.S. Advance’s forthcoming EP, Absinthe. And this song is just as hype as the last. Producer Sharp Grizwold… 23 weitere Wörter


Jade lucidity

Your viridescent skin.
That scent of jade lucidity.

The feel of wormwood’s lips.
Bless with their licorice kiss.

How I long to burn all my, 36 weitere Wörter


Colour Green and Tarot

“Green Party stands aside in crucial seats to help keep Conservatives out”, such a headline by the Independent in regards to the General elections here in the UK grabbed my attention. 634 weitere Wörter