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Whiskey 101 With Chris Jackson & Ransom

The Whiskey Revival is coming to the Golden Nugget this weekend in Las Vegas, March 27th & 28th. Today, X1075‘s own Chris Jackson and… noch 181 Wörter


Absinthe Misadventures

Once again I had to “work” on my project with my partner…  but instead we ended up vibing and bantering for like two hours. We are so productive :) noch 284 Wörter

Study Abroad

The Green Faerie

Another photo from my archives.. and to set the mood for a little green dream:


Slowly, But Surely

“Healing is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased, or damaged organism” -Wikipedia

The process of healing from my experiences with… noch 730 Wörter

Blessings Abundant

Carpano Dry, my new Best Friend

We’ve gathered together today to talk about Carpano Dry, my new fave Vermouthy. That’s right, from the house of Carpano, makers of the universally beloved… noch 477 Wörter


Week 9: Switzerland

Switzerland couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It was our last dinner before Christmas, and when I think of Switzerland in winter images of snow capped mountains, cozy ski cabins, turtlenecks, and fondue come to mind. noch 1.168 Wörter

Someone Slipped Absinthe In My Drink

Sitting at a small sidewalk cafe in Paris.  Reading a book of fantasy and doing a bit of people watching.  And someone slipped absinthe in my drink and the liquid wove its power within my mind.   noch 665 Wörter