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News from Iran – Week 41 – 2013

Prisoner News


  • Sajad Beit-Abdollah, from Shush, sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile, transferred to Gorgan prison.
  • Ahmad Dabat, from Shush, sentenced to 20 years in prison in exile, transferred to Rasht prison.
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News from Iran – Week 42 – 2013

Prisoners’ News


  • Shahram Ahmadi, Sunni prisoner, transferred from Rejaei Shahr to Arak prison.
  • Taleb Maleki, Sunni prisoner, transferred from Rejaei Shahr to Qom prison.
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10 Political Prisoners In Solitary Confinement Have Launched A Hunger Strike

10 political prisoners incarcerated in solitary confinement in Evin Ward 240 have launched a hunger strike following the prison officials’ failure to fulfill their promise to return them to the General Ward 350. noch 274 Wörter

Human Rights

Serious concerns for grave health of prisoner Abdollah Momen

Human Rights House of Iran – Abdollah Momeni, spokesperson for the student alumni organization (Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vehdat) was transferred to Evin prison’s infirmary due to severe stomach pains. noch 293 Wörter

Prisoners Of Conscience

News from Iran – Week 48 – 2012

Prisoners’ News

A- Transfers

  • Journalist, blogger, Ahmad Reza Ahmadpour transferred to KhoramAbad prison after his home was illegally searched.
  • Foad and Farhad Fahandezh, Kamal Kashani, Payam Markazi, Siamak Sadri, and Farahmand Sanaei, Baha’i from Gorgan, transferred to Evin.
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Des Nouvelles d'Iran - Semaine 04-2012

Nouvelles des Prisonniers


  • Le journaliste emprisonné  Massoud Bastani transféré à l’hôpital Sina.
  • Le militant étudiant Mohammad Reza Karbalaï Aghamalekitransféré à l’isolement à la prison Mati Kala de Babol.
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News from Iran Week 04 - 2012

News of the Prisoners


  • Incarcerated journalist Masoud Bastani transferred to Sina hispotal.
  • Incarcerated student activist Mohammad Reza Karbalaei Aghamaleki has been moved to solitary in Babol prison.
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