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[Weekly Global Tech News #4]

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[기분을 바꿔주는 웨어러블 기기 ‘Thync’ 등장] noch 110 Wörter

Weekly Global Tech News

6Wunderkinder Promises New Features, Multi-Platform Support & More Despite Acquisition

With the recent buyout from Microsoft, the Wunderlist developer, 6Wunderkinder, recently promised to continue adding new features, maintain multi-platform support and as originally mentioned, the Wunderlist team will remain in Berlin. noch 80 Wörter

Microsoft Purchase Of Wunderlist Confirmed

Microsoft has indeed added Wunderlist to its growing collection of fabulous productivity apps, the companies confirmed today. After the Wall Street Journal reported the deal… noch 199 Wörter


You can now add the German mobile app firm 6Wunderkinder GmbH to the growing list of companies with iOS apps that Microsoft has bought in recent months.  noch 137 Wörter


To-Do App Wunderlist Debuts An API, Early Integrations Of Slack, Sunrise, HipChat And More

Wunderlist, the to-do app based out of Berlin, is now approaching 13 million free and paid accounts. And today it is adding a new feature that it hopes will make the app a lot more useful and more used: it’s finally… noch 519 Wörter


To-Do App Wunderlist Links Up With Dropbox, Its First Integration

Wunderlist, the task management app with 9 million+ users, is adding a new feature to its web and mobile service: from today you will be able to link and access Dropbox documents through the app. noch 741 Wörter


6Wunderkinder released a new version of its Wunderlist productivity app today and according to the company this is the software’s biggest revision yet. Wunderlist 3 ships with over 60 improvements, however its standout changes are a retooled design and real-time sync which keeps your lists up to date across multiple devices. noch 51 Wörter