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507. N.I.B.

„I remember knowing what N.I.B. refers to, except now I’ve forgotten. ‚Nebulous Inner Blackness,‘ said Motron when I asked him, but he was just snatching that out of the air. 57 weitere Wörter

All Vinyl Apocalypse

No. 39: End Of Man (1971)

End Of Man (AKA Finis Hominis) is Jose Mojica Marins‘ entry into the Boca De Lixo (Mouth Of Garbage) genre of film – sleazy, trashy comedy films that originate from Brazil. 684 weitere Wörter


508. talk about Goose Creek and other important places

Apparently, the Goose Creek Symphony were rather a thing for a while, though what that thing was is still hard to figure. Not exactly country, not exactly rock (southern-fried or otherwise). 38 weitere Wörter

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Jaapani keele loengut kuulamas 1975

Hieroglüüfid kirja päises 1975

Oktoober 75. Välja tuli nii, et revolutsioonilisele demole peavad minema kõik, nii et minu moraalne valmisolek ei tulnud asjale põrmugi kahjuks. Paistab, et tulen Tartu-Tallinn suslaga, mis Tallinna 10 paiku jõuab. 290 weitere Wörter


1970 Hot Wheels Speed Shop

How do you keep the „Fastest Metal Cars in the World“ speeding along? Take ‚em to a Speed Shop for tuning.

For 1968 and 1969 the Speed Shops were Pop-Up Play sets. 275 weitere Wörter

Hot Wheels