Schlagwörter » 1970

Doing it Deeper

I arrived at the home of the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet at HMS Neptune strategically nestled on the shore of Gare Loch, Scotland. My latest draft HMS Resolution (as with all four of the Polaris submarines) had two crews to maximise the sea time of the Submarine. noch 633 Wörter


Even more Fillmore with the Grateful Dead 6-6-70

I don’t often go for matching series covers, but there you go.. anyway, this one at least appears to be complete on gdlive, which is nice

Grateful Dead

In Deep Water

The Duty PO at HMS Dolphin’s Main Gate, made the comment “You’re a bit tall for boats mate!” whilst trying establish to which mess I should be sent. noch 1.065 Wörter


The Greenies

My love for music led me to volunteer to be one of HMS Falmouth’s Deejays, a role which was more usually fulfilled by the ship’s Greenies (Electricians), being ‘apparently’ the only people with enough ‘common dog’ (cleverness) to operate the equipment. noch 733 Wörter