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I was not quite born yet; I didn’t see a thing this year!


1970-1979 The Seventies

Musical History #2

So yesterday Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” was released in 1982. BUT. TODAY! 46 years ago today. Black Sabbath released their debut, self-titled album  noch 151 Wörter

Black Sabbath

Urban Outfitters is Offensive Once Again

Meredith Wylie



Back in the 1970’s, we were in time of the Vietnam War. In a speech given by President Nixon on April 30, 1970, he told the country how they needed 150,000 more soldiers because the United States was going to invade Cambodia. noch 712 Wörter


iOS date trick will reportedly brick any device [Video]

A bug relating to the date and time system in iOS has emerged recently. Many users have discovered that if you change your device to January 1st, 1970, your device will be permanently bricked. noch 119 Wörter

“Të Shtyrë nga Mungesa e Ndijëshme e Literaturës Teorike”: Alfred Uçi’s Estetika Jeta Arti (1970)

Today’s post is yet another scan of a classic of socialist Albanian aesthetic theory, Alfred Uçi’s Estetika Jeta Arti , published in 1970. The book presents an admirable overview of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist aesthetic theory. noch 312 Wörter


we’re taking a trip to the Golden Hall, where the Dead would play a few more times through the years, using the Miller pitch-corrected SBD located below… noch 1.267 Wörter