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Lab 1





The difference between the iPhone images and and the high-end camera images is that the high-end camera images present more color and show more detail on both the magazine and the succulent. 139 weitere Wörter


Top 5 tips for looking after your freezers

Freezers need to work hard to keep important samples and reagents at a safe temperature. Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers are also one of the most energy hungry items in the laboratory, using up to £1,000 of energy each year. 919 weitere Wörter


Lab Exam (Culminating)

Before Class Preparation:

  • Review pre-labs from the semester

In Class Work:

20 minute quiz: Investigation Skills

Can you:

  • Identify independent/dependent/relevant control variables based on an experiment/equation…
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Contrail Command: installation and cluster import

Contrail has always had its own GUI; anyhow, recently, Juniper started developing a new GUI that can be used to manage your cluster: Contrail Command. 1.646 weitere Wörter

Steps to set-up Android Simulator for Pen-test

Hello everyone, today we will be learning how to setup an android simulator on your own computer. We will be constantly update this post if we have change anything or have modify our installation process. 441 weitere Wörter

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