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Improving Sales Culture for Branch Profitability

Given the continuing importance of branches, improving the sales culture and technology in those branches needs to be a priority.

Branch banking is clearly at an inflection point as increased use of online and mobile banking has caused branch traffic to plummet. noch 50 Wörter


With Technology’s Aid, Banks Squeeze Their Branches Into Smaller Locations

As machines do more, bank branches shrink.

A row of teller windows, a long line and a vault at the back: The basic architecture of banks dates to an era when cash was king, computers had yet to replace file cabinets and transactions were recorded with paper and ink. noch 84 Wörter


Banks Can't Close Branches Fast Enough

U.S. banks are closing branches in record numbers as customers are increasing their use of mobile and online banking. Yet, in conversations with seven of the nation’s top ten banks, many more branches would be closed if there wasn’t concern for public or governmental backlash. noch 12 Wörter


Notably Quotable: Branches?

The Financial Brand’s contributor-at-large, Mark Arnold, asked experts from across the bank and credit union industry what they thought about branches. Here’s what 14 experts from around the industry had to say about this one-word question: “Branches?” noch 8 Wörter


Bemoaning the Decline in Branch Foot Traffic: It Could be Worse!

Banks and credit unions have been bemoaning the decline in branch foot traffic for some time now. In part, this is a result of widespread and accelerating… noch 57 Wörter


Newer banking technology isn’t limited to digital channels

Debates will continue on the role of the financial institution branch, whether or not consumers need them, and how many—if any—each market should have.

While the use of digital banking channels continues to grow, some leading banks are designing and building new branches that include the latest technology for an even better reason—to enrich customer interactions and deliver a better sales and service experience. noch 15 Wörter


The Myth of Branch Decline

As electronic channels have gained popularity for banking transactions, many branches have seen an accompanying reduction in teller transaction demand. This has led many industry commentators to predict widespread branch closures in the near future, a prediction further fueled by declines in branch openings and in absolute branch counts in 2010 – 2012. noch 67 Wörter