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[Android] Android and MySQL Database handling



We can code the data in JSON format, between Android and PHP with the easy to use built in JSON functions in both languages. noch 427 Wörter


sqlplus preliminary connection

Some time ago a customer had problems with a application that generates many blocking sessions. In the end all the blocking session grow up and exceeds the avaible processes on the database so that the ORA-00020 maximum number of processes exceeded error occur. noch 462 Wörter


12c New Feature: Online datafile move

Prior to Oracle 12c, moving datafiles has always been an offline task. The DBA needs to offline the datafile, copy it at OS level and bring it back online again. noch 716 Wörter


vCenter database full - How to purge old data and shrink the SQL Express database

Viele Kunden installieren in der Praxis für VMware vSphere und Horizon View Umgebungen ihren vCenter zu Beginn mit einer SQL Express Datenbank. Die Installation ist einfach (da inklusive) und die Performance absolut in Ordnung. noch 585 Wörter

VMware VSphere