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Fuck my EX

Why is it that once you know exactly that you can’t have someone you want them more?
See I must say I am a bitch again. noch 744 Wörter


USA: The Path to the 3rd World Country

Detroit: High and Dry—a Mini Documentary
Detroit has shut off water to thousands of the city’s poorest residents. Meanwhile, some of its biggest businesses owe millions of dollars in water bills. noch 11 Wörter


DragonTail: More water crisis on the planet

Sao Paulo Told to Cut Water or Risk Running Out in 100 Days

Sao Paulo risks having its biggest reservoir run out of drinking water within 100 days unless it starts rationing, Brazilian federal prosecutors warned. noch 119 Wörter


USA/Detroit Water War: PlutoCRACY @ work

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

…well, if you are interested to know who is so, hmmm, arrogant and said this: noch 232 Wörter